Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 2 (Just Saturday)

Back with part 2– I felt like the post would be too long if I included Saturday, so splitting it up seemed like a good way to do it. I had a really nice Saturday with my family. I spent some time with my parents and sister, and then the afternoon with my sister and one of her roommates.

On Saturday morning, my sister and I went to Provider, the coffee shop I tried last time I was home. I got a hot matcha latte and it was really good. They really make nice matcha lattes there. I haven’t been disappointed yet. Then we spent the morning with our parents. We went to Ikea, Costco, and Trader Joe’s. I really love grocery stores for some reason, so it was a nice time. After the errands, we decorated the Christmas tree and it looks very cute.

I hung out with my sister the rest of the afternoon. I helped her and her roommate take some cute pictures at these colorful walls in Indianapolis. I have no idea what the building is for, but the walls are fun for photos. We got macarons at the Macaron Bar. I am pretty sure it is a pop-up, so I am glad I got to try it. I got a dark chocolate macaron and an earl grey tea macaron. I think the earl grey was my favorite. It kind of tasted like fruit loops, which I found interesting, but also so good.

We went to the library for a second so I could get a nice photo of the city. I had never been the the library in Indianapolis, and it was actually really pretty inside. I will have to go back sometime. We ended the day with Mexican food. I got vegetarian enchiladas and I really liked the veggies. I honestly would have wanted a whole plate of the veggies without the enchiladas lol.

I had a really fun weekend in Indy with my family. I also feel like I got to do a lot of things I have been wanting to do and relax a bit. I am excited for the rest of the holiday season! What did you do for Thanksgiving? What are you most excited to do this winter?

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 2 (Just Saturday)”

  1. I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend! I just stayed home with my parents on Thursday, and we met my uncle for dinner Friday night. I’ve also gone on a few runs and watched a lot of The Blacklist. I had Wednesday to today off from work, and I’m taking tomorrow off too because I have a Veterans Day floater holiday to use before the end of the year.

    I love those colorful walls and the macaron bar! I’ve never had one, I’m assuming you’d recommend? haha I also love the third to last picture in the post with the sun through the trees.

    My plans for winter will probably be staying inside haha. It’s starting to get really cold here in New England, and I don’t like the cold. We’re doing an early Christmas with my dad’s side of the family in the middle of December because my cousins are going away for Christmas, and we’re doing something with my uncle on my mom’s side the weekend before Christmas. So we’re staying home this year on the 25th, which is the first time we’ll be doing in a really long time. Like as long as I’ve been alive we’ve always gone to my grandparents’ houses. So it’ll be different but nice to just relax all day.

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    1. That sounds like a really nice break! It will be nice to have Monday off too! I would definitely recommend trying macarons. I loved them when I was in high school and haven’t had many since then. I always go for a unique flavor and one I know I’ll like, even though they almost all end up being good.

      I think my winter plans are pretty similar because I’m not going to want to leave the house once it’s cold. Having a couple Christmas get togethers throughout December sounds fun. It seems like a fun way to be in the holiday spirit all month!

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