Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 1 (Wednesday-Friday)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was lucky enough to go home and spend some time in Indy for Thanksgiving. I got home on Wednesday, so a bunch of our friends met up to go out to the bars and hang out. It was really nice to see some of my college friends, high school friends, and my sister.

The next day was Thanksgiving, so my sister and I headed home. We had a nice breakfast my mom and dad made. Then I relaxed most of the day until dinner. This year it was just my parents, my sister, and myself at Thanksgiving dinner. We had lots of yummy food and banana pudding for dessert. It tasted very similar to Magnolia Bakery, which is one of my favorite dessert places.After dinner, my sister and I went to Ulta so she could look at a few Black Friday Deals. I ended up getting one of those perfume sample sets where you can test a bunch of different scents and get a discounted full size bottle after. We stopped in a few other stores, but didn’t take advantage of any of the deals. Then we headed home and watched Love Simon. It was decent, just way too long.

On Friday, I hung out at home a bit in the morning. Then, my family dropped me off at Connor’s so we could head down to Bloomington. Connor had tickets to the IU basketball game that evening, and we wanted to head down a bit early to get dinner before. We ended up eating at one of my favorite restaurants, Anatolia. My absolute favorite restaurant was closed. In case you are ever in Bloomington, it’s called Rush Hour Station. I have no idea what I got at Anatolia because they didn’t have my favorite meal on the menu anymore. Regardless, it was still so yummy. I love the bread, lentil soup, and tea that you get as appetizers. The rice and salad that comes with each entree is amazing too. After dinner, we headed to Assembly Hall for the basketball game. I was pretty excited because IU basketball is my favorite. There were a ton of new players on the team since last year, so that was interesting. We were losing most of the game, but ended up winning in the end! I definitely miss going to basketball games, so it was nice to go see one! To end the night, Connor and I got ice cream at my favorite ice cream shop since I was little, The Chocolate Moose. I got grasshopper in a cone and he go a blizz with peanut butter, butterscotch, and sprinkles. It was yummy as usual. We headed home afterwards.

Stay tuned for part 2!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 1 (Wednesday-Friday)”

  1. The IU arena is so big! I went to a DIII school whose basketball teams played in our field house, and it basically looked like a slightly bigger high school gym with bleachers that pull out on both sides haha. I would like to go to a big college game one of these days, probably football, so get the whole experience.

    And the ice cream looks great! I love grasshopper because it’s two of my favorite things.

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    1. Basketball games are definitely my favorite, but I did go to most of the bigger football games at IU. We really aren’t great at football, but the big games against Purdue or Ohio State were always really fun. What college team would you want to see play?

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      1. I’m a big Alabama football fan, but that would require me getting on a plane haha and I haven’t flown before. But I’d love to see one of their games at their home stadium in Tuscaloosa. If I wanted to do more local, I could do either UConn or UMass; both are about an hour from where I live.

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