Looking Back On Some Of My Favorite Trips

Last night I was up way too late scrolling back through my camera roll and through my Instagram (@adventure__with__ellie) looking at old photos/posts. I found so many photos from years back when I first started my blog and Instagram. I saw photos from the summer before I started a new chapter of my life in… Continue reading Looking Back On Some Of My Favorite Trips

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How To Make Your Own Travel Journal/Memory Book

A new week means some new blog posts! I hope everyone is staying safe/healthy and enjoyed the weekend at home. What have you been up to to keep busy, or have you taken up any new hobbies? One thing I have been working on a little bit is my travel memory book. I started this… Continue reading How To Make Your Own Travel Journal/Memory Book

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Weekend Trip to Atlanta

My last trip of February was to Atlanta, Georgia. It may sound a little crazy, but my best friend (Aislinn) and I planned to meet up in Atlanta to visit the Glossier pop-up shop that opened there. Beyond going there we didn't have any plans, but it was an excuse to meet up and travel… Continue reading Weekend Trip to Atlanta


Miami Day 2

Surprise!! Two posts for this week! Day 2 in Miami started at the Salty Donut, which is my favorite donut shop in Miami. We got 3 donuts to try and share: Strawberry Shortcake, Vegan Pear Butter & Almond, and Brown Butter & Salt. My favorite and recommendation is the Strawberry Shortcake. It is seriously so… Continue reading Miami Day 2


Arizona Trip Recap

I spent a long weekend in Arizona for my "birthday weekend." I had visited Arizona a couple times before during the year, but I never really experienced it fully. Connor and I managed to visit many different parts of Arizona during our trip and it was so much fun! Here are the highlights: The Grand… Continue reading Arizona Trip Recap