The Christmas Tag

I don't think I have ever done a tag blog post before, so this is pretty exciting! Thanks for the tag, Becky! If you don't already follow Becky, AKA Strikeouts + Sprinkles, definitely check out her posts. I will have one linked here. She posts about anything from sports to running to everyday life! I… Continue reading The Christmas Tag


Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 2 (Just Saturday)

Back with part 2-- I felt like the post would be too long if I included Saturday, so splitting it up seemed like a good way to do it. I had a really nice Saturday with my family. I spent some time with my parents and sister, and then the afternoon with my sister and… Continue reading Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 2 (Just Saturday)


Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 1 (Wednesday-Friday)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was lucky enough to go home and spend some time in Indy for Thanksgiving. I got home on Wednesday, so a bunch of our friends met up to go out to the bars and hang out. It was really nice to see some of my… Continue reading Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 1 (Wednesday-Friday)

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Highlights From My Weekend in Indiana

Weekend posts late on Tuesday nights are becoming a regular thing. I should really get back to posting them on Sunday nights. Anyway, I went home last weekend for a wedding. The weekend went fast, but it was relaxing and nice to drive around in a car rather than taking the train or walking everywhere.… Continue reading Highlights From My Weekend in Indiana


First Day In Chicago

I am officially blogging from Chicago. Well actually, the IKEA nearby. Regardless, my boyfriend and I have moved into our cute little apartment. We have a lot to unpack still but things look like the are starting to come together. We both start work Monday morning so we are going to try to get as… Continue reading First Day In Chicago


Things I’m Going To Miss About Indy

My family and my pup, Daisy My backyard-- I think my mom did a great job making it so nice and cute Running at my high school track Nicey Treat and getting popsicles with my sister My summer job at the day camp, especially the counselors and campers Being close to Bloomington The Monon Trail… Continue reading Things I’m Going To Miss About Indy


About Me

Thinking about the icebreaker games I'm going to get to play as I start my part-time job training kind of inspired this post. Back when I started my blog I definitely shared some details about myself, but that was almost 3 years ago when I had just ended my freshman year of college. As most… Continue reading About Me


Vegetarian Food Guide: Charleston, South Carolina

It is finally time to post my food guide from my recent trip to Charleston with my family. I'm going to share some of the places we went and some of the vegetarian friendly foods I ate! These places have a lot of options for any food preferences, but because I am vegetarian, I wanted… Continue reading Vegetarian Food Guide: Charleston, South Carolina