Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 2 (Just Saturday)

Back with part 2-- I felt like the post would be too long if I included Saturday, so splitting it up seemed like a good way to do it. I had a really nice Saturday with my family. I spent some time with my parents and sister, and then the afternoon with my sister and… Continue reading Thanksgiving in Indianapolis Part 2 (Just Saturday)


Weekend in Chicago

Connor and I stayed home this weekend. 1. It was a rainy weekend. 2. We can't always go somewhere. 3. We still have so much to explore in Chicago. We started our weekend off Friday night by going to a fall/Halloween themed pop-up in the city: Jack's Pumpkin Pop-Up. It was full of cute photo… Continue reading Weekend in Chicago


Doing Chicago Things

I feel like I have done a lot since moving to Chicago a little over a month ago. I haven't shared everything on the blog. I thought I'd take a minute to talk about some fun things I have done/tried. Cub's Game I went to my first Cub's game a couple weeks ago. Connor's dad… Continue reading Doing Chicago Things