2022 Intentions

I am a little late with the post, but I also wasn’t blogging at the beginning of the year. I figure if it’s never too late to start on goals, its never too late to blog about the goals you made. I also always have a word of the year. Last year my word was energy. It was definitely a great word for 2021 and I want to continue to have lots of energy and bring positive energy everywhere I go in 2022.

My word for 2022 is purpose. This word pretty much applies to everything in life which I love. I want to have purpose in everything I do. I want to live out my purpose. I want to do my daily routines with purpose. I want to only make purchases that serve a purpose. I want to workout with purpose. I can write a million different ways this word can apply to life, but those are just a few examples. If you have a word of the year each year, what is your word this year?

I have a long list of goals and some of them are listed below.

  1. Wear my retainer
  2. Wear more blue
  3. Get a camcorder or vlog camera
  4. Read 50 books or more
  5. Continue daily workouts and keep mixing it up (HIIT, biking, running, weights, yoga, boxing, etc.)
  6. Try a new workout (pilates)
  7. Get a new yoga mat (already did this yay!)
  8. Bake once a month
  9. Take a longer trip with Connor
  10. Visit Maine
  11. Take a quick hiking trip (maybe Nevada, California, or Oregon)
  12. Journal frequently
  13. Give more
  14. Health is wealth, play 60
  15. Send more letters
  16. Post more on YouTube outside of travel videos
  17. See my Chicago friends more
  18. Get rid of clothes I no longer want at the end of each season (If I didn’t wear it, get rid of it)
  19. Play more Sudoku
  20. Get a new piercing
  21. Think positive
  22. Do at least one random act of kindness a month
  23. Try meditating
  24. Continue going to bed early and waking up early
  25. Make new podcast cover art
  26. Take more photos with friends and Connor
  27. Take more photos and videos in general
  28. Make fresh squeezed orange juice
  29. Go camping with Connor
  30. Have fun photoshoot days with friends
  31. Go to NYC
  32. Go on Pinterest at least 1-2 times a month to update boards and reflect on my vision boards for 2022
  33. Go in a hot air balloon
  34. Get a basketball or tennis rackets and play in the summer

What are some of your goals for the year? Do you typically make a few, more specific goals or do you make a long list of random goals?

I hope you have an amazing year and work towards your goals and dreams 🙂

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