What I Am Watching, Reading, and Listening To

I originally planned on posting something completely different, but I think I will wait another month or so for that post (lol). I decided this would be a fun post at about midnight on Sunday. The times that I end up writing blogs and posting them are so random. I always write pretty late at night, right when I wake up, or during my commute (when I had a commute). Recently, most of my posts have been written right before bed. I am either thinking a lot more at night or I just want to delay going to bed/extend the weekend as long as possible.

Also, I am thinking of changing my posting schedule around for now. I had an idea as I was writing this post that I would likely want to share on Sunday or Monday each week. So I was thinking my usual posts could go up on Wednesday or Thursday rather than Tuesday. That would give a little time between posting. I’m not sure yet, but if anyone has any thoughts on that, let me know 🙂 Now onto the actual post…

Since I have had so much time at home I have been filling some of that time with TV, music, podcasts, and more. I want to be filling it more with reading so I have started a book which is good. Hopefully I will reach my May goal of reading one book (I know that’s not great haha). I’ll stop rambling now and share what I have been watching, reading, and listening to.


Never Have I Ever on Netflix (SO GOOD)

Outer Banks on Netflix (decent)

All American on Netflix (decent so far)

The Americans on Prime Video (SO GOOD)


Spirited Away

Jojo Rabbit

It Chapter 2 

Julie and Julia 


-POPSUGAR Fitness workouts

-Chloe Ting workouts


-Brooke Miccio

-Danielle Carolan

-Tara Michelle

-Alisha Marie

-Margot Lee

WATCHING: TIK TOK (never thought this would be on my list)









READING… this list is so short haha:

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware


What We Said Podcast

Gals On The Go

We Bought A House



-Tame Impala

-Kacey Musgraves


-I have a whole playlist I made of songs I like but those are just a few of the main artists on there. The playlist is so random, but its fun to listen to while I work during the day.

What have you been watching, reading, and listening to? Or what are other ways you are spending your time? I would love some inspiration for the coming weeks 🙂 You probably aren’t shocked to find out that new tie dye projects are on the way!!

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