I Didn’t Listen To Any Podcasts For A Week

This is such a random post, but I was sitting on the train listening to MUSIC when I decided to write this. Listening to music isn’t too crazy of an idea, but I really only listen to podcasts now. I didn’t listen to a single episode last week so I could save some for the plane ride to Denver (post coming soon!!) and here are my thoughts.

I would say the podcasts I listen to are one of the reasons I pop out of bed in the morning and get my commute going (maybe the idea of coffee or a matcha too). I always listen on the day they come out first thing in the morning. They inspire me, make me laugh, entertain me, educate me, and get me thinking.

I was talking about podcasts the other day at work and my manager said something about podcasts that she heard. It was along the lines of “people who listen to podcasts (not sure what kind) are some percentage (20-40%) happier with their career.” I found this vague fact and piece of knowledge interesting.

I think it’s true. I am newer to the workplace and really didn’t know what to expect with my job. I really believe the podcasts I listen to have inspired me to put everything I can into my job. But they have also kept me creative and pursuing my passions outside of work.

So to sum all of this up, I missed my podcasts. I still had a great week without them, but I definitely love life with them. I’m happy there are so many smart, funny, and creative individuals out there putting out content for everyone to enjoy. Leave your favorite podcasts in the comments!


Current Favorites

I usually do these at the beginning or end of the month, but here we are in the middle of February with a favorites post. I got a few gifts for my birthday and Christmas that I have been loving. There are also some other random things thrown in here. I linked most of the clothing/products within the post if you want to check out any of the things I mentioned!

1. Outdoor Voices leggings: I ordered a pair of these leggings on Black Friday. They were really discounted and I heard great things about them! I got them in the color Scarlett and I love them. The red color is fun and reminds me of IU. The fabric is super comfy and I like that the waist can be adjusted so they aren’t falling down during a run. They are a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. Outdoor voices has other clothes too, and I want to get the matching workout top to the pants sometime!

2. Quip toothbrush: My dad got me this toothbrush for Christmas. I have the gold metal one. I decided shortly before Christmas that I really wanted an electric toothbrush, so I was pretty excited. I love that it times out brushing to 2 minutes, so you make sure you are brushing long enough. I also like how clean my teeth feel after using it. The toothbrushes are pretty affordable and come in many different colors!

3. Trader Joe’s Rose Face Mask: This mask came in a set of three and I have mentioned the trio in a previous post. I think I paid 6 or 7 dollars for all three masks, and this is my favorite. I love the rose scent and the way it makes my face feel so clean and hydrated. It’s very affordable, so if you are looking to try out face masks, this could be a good starter. I don’t see it online for the price I paid, but keep an eye out for it in stores!

4. Velvet SPANX leggings: I got these for my birthday back in December. I had heard a bit about SPANX leggings from influencers I follow on Instagram. They are a bit pricy, but look great with a lot of different outfits. I like that they are velvet because they can make a plain, casual outfit look more fun! I wear them with sweaters and boots mainly, but I have worn them with a sweatshirt and sneakers, too!

5. Little hoop earrings: I have been wearing my small hoop earrings for the past two months or so. I got a pack at Target last spring and I love them. I have a gold pair and a silver pair. I usually stick to silver, but prefer the gold. They make you look more put together and add a little sparkle to even the plainest outfits. I linked a similar pair here in gold.

6. Running: I have been pretty good about running lately. It has been fun and relaxing to run after work. I haven’t gone this week, mostly because it has been so cold, but I am making sure to prioritize it more. I find myself smiling on the treadmill and wanting to run longer, so I’d say it’s been going well.

7. Cottage cheese: My love for cottage cheese is back. I have been putting it on my cauliflower rice and just eating it as a side for lunch. I love putting pepper on it to add a little spice. It’s so filling and full of protein. I usually get the Friendly Farms brand at Aldi, but if you are near a Kroger, their cottage cheese is much better.

8. “Just for a Moment” by Gryffin: This is my favorite song right now. I love running to it and honestly smile walking through the city when I listen to it. You gotta love a song that gets you pumped up to workout or just generally excited about life.

9. Peet’s Coffee: Peet’s is on track to be my favorite chain coffee shop ever. I go way too often. I love that they have matcha because other coffee shops nearby don’t. They even have a golden matcha right now, which is good too. The people are nice and know my order. There is also an app to get rewards and it just feels a lot better in the actual shop than places like Dunkin’ (still love Dunkin’) or a Starbucks (not a Starbucks fan though).

What were some of your favorites right now? Any song or podcast recommendations? I am trying to listen to more music because I am always listening to podcasts.


Five Traits + Six Favorites

I saw a fellow blogger, Becky Turner, post this on her blog and thought it looked fun! You can find her posts here. Basically, I’m going to share five traits I have and six of my favorites. If you read this and want to share your traits and favorites, I’d love to read your post! Or comment some of them on this post!

Five Traits

1. Conscientious: I have always been very aware of what I need to do and make sure to get it done. I make sure I am doing the right thing in everything I do. I think this was helpful for me throughout school, sports, and my job now.

2. Reliable: I always follow through on things I say I am going to do. I don’t like letting people down and want to make sure people can count on me! This definitely ties in with being conscientious.

3. Outgoing: I am a pretty extroverted and energized person. I am a huge morning person and try to have a smile on my face as much as possible. I love talking and I think that plays into me being outgoing as well.

4. Creative: I have been a pretty creative, imaginative person since I was little. I have always loved making up ideas and then bringing them to life. Right now, I try to be creative with my blog and instagram. Hopefully some new ventures will come to life this year!

5. Timely: This one is kind of random, but I love being early and am almost always on time (unless something stops be from being on time).

Six Favorites

1. My favorite genre of music is podcasts haha (not sure if that counts).

2. My favorite foods are ramen, cottage cheese, and blueberries.

3. I love traveling, so my favorite vacation spot is Miami.

4. My favorite animal is a cow.

5. My favorite color is green.

6. My favorite show of all time is “The Fosters.” I am watching the spin-off show, “Good Trouble,” now because I loved “The Fosters” so much growing up.


My Spotify Wrapped

There are so many things that I love about this time of year and one of them is the Spotify Wrapped. I was so excited to see my top songs and artists this year. I had a few guesses, some were right and others were not. Regardless, I wasn’t surprised.

Eminem was my top artist. He probably will be for the rest of my life. If you have read my other posts, then you know that’s the only other concert I need to go to for the rest of my life. I love pretty much any song from Eminem. The old ones, and even the new ones that many people don’t like. Even, my top song was by Eminem. I don’t know why but “Nowhere Fast” has been one of my favorite work out songs this year.

Moon Taxi is also up there as my mom actually recommended them to me. I actually saw them in concert at a bar in Bloomington, so that’s a band I started to like in 2018! I will always love Dierks Bentley and Lil Wayne. I think the newest Dierks album was my one of my favorite albums of the year. I listened to it all summer. As for Lil Wayne, I have been running to the song “Uproar” a lot so that could have helped give him a top spot. Love that song.

Finally, Morgan Evans is on my top artists. I started listening to him a couple months ago. I also bought tickets to see a show he is opening for, so I’m really excited for that. The best song on his album is “We Dream.” It made it on my top songs which wasn’t a surprise because I listened to that song everyday for 2 months on my walk home from the train.

The other three songs that made it to the top are “Live In The Moment,” Remind Me To Forget,” and “We’re Going Home.” All three of these songs have been go-to songs for me this year. I will play them in almost every car ride over 2 hours. I’m sure Connor doesn’t love that, but I will never tire of them.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is the minutes listened this year. I am pretty sure that number was a lot bigger last year. 2018 was the year of podcasts for me. I listen to one every morning and almost every afternoon. I mostly listened to music in the car and while working out. I know you can listen to podcasts on Spotify, but I listen to post on the Apple podcast app.

I’m excited to see what music I discover in 2019. We will see if Eminem is still the artist I listen to most! What were your top songs, artists, etc. this year? Were you surprised?


Be Grateful For The Little Things Each Day

Be grateful for the little things each day: I feel like I have always been like this. But lately, the little things are what make the days so great. Overall, my days are usually pretty good, but also stressful. Because I am stressed from 8 to 5 everyday, I make sure notice, acknowledge, and be thankful for the little moments in the day that make it brighter. I think it is important that we have moments in the day that we look forward to (and not just 5 or 6pm when we get off work lol). I have been doing certain things each day that help me relax and enjoy the day more.

Some little things that make me smile/happy each day:

1. drinking my matcha tea in the morning

2. the occasional kombucha, when I treat myself

3. the podcasts I listen to– lucky for me, all of my favorite podcasts are up different days of the week, so I always look forward to them each morning

4. seeing dogs as I walk through my neighborhood or to work (today I saw a corgi… my favorite)

5. hearing about my coworkers weekends/nights after work

6. coming home after work and hanging out with Connor

7. running around my new area of Chicago

8. bagel days at work

10. reading blogs

11. writing blogs

12. moscow mules every now and then

13. face masks

14. listening to Eminem

15. doing kind things for others

16. random acts of kindness from others– today a coworker brought me a passionfruit La Croix, which is my favorite. It was such a nice surprise.

Remember the little things on your bad days. Sometimes the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on your day and your mood. I know the corgi I saw today made my whole week lol. What little things do you look forward to each day/ what brightens your day? 🙂


July Favorites

July flew by and summer is almost over for me. I had a nice July. A little stressful but full of good memories and fun. As always, I wanted to share some of my favorites from July.

Yellow nail polish- so fun, on trend, and cute for summer.

The Fosters- I have been watching this show since high school and there was finally a new season on Netflix. It was good like it always was, but sadly that was the last season! I definitely recommend watching it if you haven’t. It really opens up a conversation about many issues in the world and with growing up.

Eminem- I have always loved Eminem, but I have been listening to his old music so much lately.

Red and white striped romper- I got this romper for 12 dollars at Marshall’s. It’s just your average cotton romper but it’s so comfy and can go with anything. I usually wear mine with sneakers but you can dress it up a bit too.

“The Defining Decade” by Meg Jay- this book is all about your 20s. I listened to the audio book with my boyfriend last year but started the actual book this summer. It has given me some advice on certain things in my life and I love that it is geared toward where I am in life right now.

Caprese Sandwiches- this has been my go-to lunch after work this month. Sour dough, pesto, mozzarella, and tomato are the only ingredients you need for a filling, yummy meal.

Moscow mules- one of my favorite adult drinks. I have had a few good ones this month: many traditional ones, a basil one, and strawberry basil.

Walmart bathing suit- I got a rainbow bathing suit at Walmart this summer and I absolutely love it. First, I think stripes and colorful patterns are super cute for the summer. Second, the swim suit was super affordable. I got the whole thing, top and bottom, for 15 dollars. So far, after over 10 wears, it is holding up well too! I’m going to remember Walmart each summer when I’m looking for bathing suits because I was really impressed this year.


June Favorites

It’s July!! I can’t believe it. June really flew by. July is going to be a busy month for me as I prepare to move to Chicago. But before I move on to July, I thought I would share some things I liked, ate, watched, etc. during the month of June!

1. Queer Eye- I loved the first season so I was really excited for the second one! If you haven’t started this show yet, head on over to Netflix!

2. Danielle Marie Carolan on YouTube- I love her videos lately. She is really good at keeping up with her channel and actually showing the cool stuff she does in the vlogs. She also keeps things really positive which I like!

3. Scholars Inn Bagel (Everyseed)- I discovered these during my last semester at IU. They are the best everything bagels ever because they have a ton of seeds on them unlike your typical everything bagel.

4. Neon phone case (Speck brand)- I found my bright yellow case at Marshall’s and it is just so summery and fun!

5. Marshall’s- I live pretty close to a Marshall’s right now. Actually, dangerously close because I love it so much! Gotta go get all the deals!

6. Bananas- my breakfast every morning at 5:30 am.

7. La Croix- I am shocked this is on my list because I never thought I’d like it, but my sister got me hooked. It’s so refreshing and sometimes I just don’t want plain water. My favorite flavors are passionfruit and lime.

8. Set It Up- I heard this movie was good from a friend of mine. I thought it was so cute and funny! Definitely recommend it! It’s on Netflix.

9. Be Kind Bracelet- My sister got me a simple beaded bracelet from Michael’s (the craft store) for a dollar! I wear it everyday and love the “be kind” saying on it. It’s a good reminder and just cute, especially for my summer camp days.

10. Running- I’m happy this is on my favorites list. It’s an old passion of mine I’m hoping to keep loving again. I like running in the afternoon when it’s really hot. I know that makes no sense but I feel really strong when I run then.

11. Jump Roping- I used to jump rope all the time when I was younger. Honestly, I was better then, but I love it. It’s a great way to exercise that is fun. I like to jump rope to really fun music, alternating between fast and slow jumping.

12. The Mountain album from Dierks Bentley- I love Dierks Bentley and his latest album is so good. My favorite song is “Living.”

13. Iced Matcha Lattes- I like them much better than coffee and they more refreshing in my opinion.