What I Am Watching, Reading, and Listening To

I originally planned on posting something completely different, but I think I will wait another month or so for that post (lol). I decided this would be a fun post at about midnight on Sunday. The times that I end up writing blogs and posting them are so random. I always write pretty late at… Continue reading What I Am Watching, Reading, and Listening To


March/At Home Favorites

Since March is over I figured it was a good time to do a March favorites post! A lot of my current favorites have been great for being at home and working from home, so that will be a theme throughout this post. I have been trying out a few new things over the past… Continue reading March/At Home Favorites


June Favorites

It's July!! I can't believe it. June really flew by. July is going to be a busy month for me as I prepare to move to Chicago. But before I move on to July, I thought I would share some things I liked, ate, watched, etc. during the month of June! 1. Queer Eye- I… Continue reading June Favorites


Summer is Here 

I am about 3 weeks into my summer and I have decided that I am officially excited about it. Most of all I just want some nice weather for once. I went to a concert 2 weeks ago and had to wear gloves and a winter jacket.  This summer I am excited to...  1. Run… Continue reading Summer is Here 


Life Goals 

Write a book Help people Run a full marathon Go to the Ellen show Name my daughter Bradley Travel with my best friend Have a successful YouTube channel Keep blogging Drink lots of water Start a business Go to the Peanut Butter & Co shop in New York Become fluent in Spanish Coach cross country… Continue reading Life Goals