I Didn’t Listen To Any Podcasts For A Week

This is such a random post, but I was sitting on the train listening to MUSIC when I decided to write this. Listening to music isn’t too crazy of an idea, but I really only listen to podcasts now. I didn’t listen to a single episode last week so I could save some for the plane ride to Denver (post coming soon!!) and here are my thoughts.

I would say the podcasts I listen to are one of the reasons I pop out of bed in the morning and get my commute going (maybe the idea of coffee or a matcha too). I always listen on the day they come out first thing in the morning. They inspire me, make me laugh, entertain me, educate me, and get me thinking.

I was talking about podcasts the other day at work and my manager said something about podcasts that she heard. It was along the lines of “people who listen to podcasts (not sure what kind) are some percentage (20-40%) happier with their career.” I found this vague fact and piece of knowledge interesting.

I think it’s true. I am newer to the workplace and really didn’t know what to expect with my job. I really believe the podcasts I listen to have inspired me to put everything I can into my job. But they have also kept me creative and pursuing my passions outside of work.

So to sum all of this up, I missed my podcasts. I still had a great week without them, but I definitely love life with them. I’m happy there are so many smart, funny, and creative individuals out there putting out content for everyone to enjoy. Leave your favorite podcasts in the comments!

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