Weekly Podcasts: What I Listen To Each Day

I am currently listening to a podcast on the train home from work and I thought it would be fun to share my weekly podcast listens. I have quite a few that I listen to each week, but for some reason I can't find one I love for Thursday's (let me know if you have… Continue reading Weekly Podcasts: What I Listen To Each Day

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Things That Have Inspired Me This Week

I thought it would be fun to start sharing things that are currently inspiring me. I will likely do this post every few weeks or months with the hope of giving you all a little inspiration. Some of these things are podcasts, ideas, and other random things I noticed during the week. An episode of… Continue reading Things That Have Inspired Me This Week


Random Thoughts & Updates

Happy Valentine's Day! This week has felt so long and I'm so tired-- probably from traveling a bunch last week and trying to get things done after work. It's weird because I really don't have too much to say on here. I have had so many post ideas and blogs scheduled out recently, so I… Continue reading Random Thoughts & Updates


My Top Favorites from 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, I want to highlight some of my favorites from the year. You have probably already seen me mention many of these things because that's how much I love them! 1. Kombucha: I started drinking kombucha over a year ago. Since then, it became a staple in my diet and… Continue reading My Top Favorites from 2018


Podcasts I’m Subscribed To

I actually listen to these too. There are some podcasts I am subscribed to that I never actually listen to and just scroll by. Maybe someday I'll give those another try! These are my favorites that I listen to each week: Optimal Living Daily Optimal Health Daily Optimal Business Daily The Advanced Selling Podcast B2B… Continue reading Podcasts I’m Subscribed To