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Boulder/Denver, CO Trip

I have been so bad at blogging lately and I don’t love that. I feel so consumed by other parts of my life so finding that balance is something I want to do! Anyway, I went to Boulder, CO and Denver for a tiny bit a couple weekends ago. I wanted to share the highlights in case you are ever looking for a fun weekend trip!

Connor and I flew Frontier. It was really inexpensive! We paid $86 each for a round trip flight. Checking Google Flights daily really paid off. Our flights were at the WORST times (they had us landing in Denver around midnight and Chicago around 1am), but it worked out for us. We wanted to have 2 full days to explore and that’s what we ended up with.

We decided to rent a car because we wanted to go to Boulder to hike and explore. So we got our rental car and then headed to our hotel. We stayed really close to the airport which was great because it gave us a decent night of sleep.

On Saturday morning we made a few stops before Boulder. We went to Voodoo Doughnut first. I wanted to go there for so long ever since I first heard about it. It didn’t disappoint. We got four donuts to try and share. My favorite was the grape kool aid. It sounded weird, but the donut, the frosting, and the grape went well together.

After donuts, we went to Red Rocks. I would love to see a concert there, but I knew we could walk around the explore a bit. The drive there was so pretty and there were a ton of people working out and hiking. We even met a person who went to the same college as us which was funny.

After walking around Red Rocks, we drove to Boulder. The drive was about 45 minutes, so it wasn’t bad. I loved the view of the mountains so I was very happy. We got to Boulder and headed to the downtown area. It was adorable. The sun was shining, there were so many people out (only downside was it took FOREVER to park lol), and there were tons of pretty flowers. It felt perfect.

Connor and I walked around enjoying the sunshine. We grabbed coffees since we were tired from the late flight. We also got popsicles. I LOVE popsicles so it was a must. We got them at LE Pops on Pearl Street. They were the best popsicles I have ever had. We ended up going back the next day since they were that good. I would definitely recommend the avocado flavor and Connor loved the butterscotch.

After our treats, we drove up Flagstaff Mountain. It was a bit of a drive up, but it made for a pretty view. It was getting a bit gloomy so we knew we would have to save our hike for the following morning. We headed to a late lunch at T|ACO. We got queso, margaritas, and tacos of course. They definitely hit the spot since all we had all day was treats.

We were super full so we headed to our Airbnb to rest up for a bit. Our Airbnb was amazing. It was in a perfect location and it was so cute. The decorations, the natural light, and all of the amenities made it hard for us to leave the next day. I believe it is usually booked up on weekends, so we were really lucky to stay there.

We had a late dinner reservation at Pizzeria Locale (shoutout to my friend Brooke for this recommendation and all of the others too haha). It was the best pizza I have ever tried. I highly recommend the “Mais” pizza. After dinner we headed back to the Airbnb. We had an early hike planned for Sunday.

On Sunday morning, we went to get coffee at Spruce Confections. We both got lattes to get the day started. It was a really cute place and the outdoor seating looked really nice. We didn’t have too much time to enjoy it since we wanted to get started on our hike. We headed to Chautauqua Park and did the Royal Arch trail. I believe it was 3 miles total. The whole way to the arch/view is basically up hill, but after a bit we got used to it. The view was certainly worth it. It was so nice to sit for a second and look out. We also met quite a few adorable dogs, so that was a highlight. We hiked back down and headed for some food.

We went to Snooze A.M. Eatery for brunch. The menu was huge. So many drinks and meals to choose from. Connor got a breakfast pot pie and I got a breakfast bowl. We shared a flight of pancakes because they all sounded so good. Also, I love trying anything in flight form (beer, waffles, margaritas, etc, haha). We loved the blueberry danish pancake the most, but the others were still really good.

After brunch we walked around to a few different stores to soak up Boulder a little bit more. It was another nice day and it was hard to leave the sunny, flower filled streets. But we wanted to go to Denver for a little bit before catching our flight home.

We drove to Denver and decided to go a bit further to Golden, Colorado. It was such a cute town with lots of shops. I am pretty sure everyone was outside enjoying the weather. We walked along the river a bit to explore.

Then we headed back to Denver and went to Avanti F&B for dinner. It was basically a bar/eatery with a bunch of different places in it. There was a burger place, an arepa place, a poke bowl place, and a few others. Connor had a burger and I got a veggie arepa. We also got watermelon juice which I still can’t stop thinking about a couple weeks later. After eating, we grabbed a beer and sat on the patio upstairs. It made for a nice view of the city and gave us one last chance to be outside since the weather was so nice. Avanti was our last stop of the trip. We filled up the gas tank, returned the rental car, and made our way to our terminal. On our way to check in we saw the prettiest sunset over the mountains. It was a great way to end the trip! We had a super late flight so we didn’t get back to our apartment until 2:30am, but the trip was totally worth it. I am already looking for flights to go back!

5 thoughts on “Boulder/Denver, CO Trip”

  1. Colorado has always been on my bucket list. Apparently there’s yoga classes that you can sign up for at Red Rocks. I want to do one! That being said, great post. Thank you for sharing and I love your photos!!!

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  2. I absolutely LOVE Colorado! I totally think you should revisit Colorado and head out to the mountains this time. If you go back in the near future let me know and I will give you some recommendations! 🙂


  3. Looks like fun!! I’m going to Denver for work the first time in August. I totally just added Voodoo Donuts to my list of places to go! I won’t have time to really rent a car, so I’m going to do a half day trip to see the red rocks and a couple other places. Seeing your pics makes me so much more excited to go!

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