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My Goals For 2019

I have always done a post like this at the end of the year. I will have a highlights post as well, just because that is fun. But for now I have a list of realistic goals for this year. They are all things I actually want to do. I have realized that there is no reason to wait to do something. There is always a way, even if it isn’t always the easiest route.

1. Blog consistently- I think 2018 was my most consistent year yet. I feel happiest when I am posting blogs and reading other blog posts! I hope to share more of my travels, restaurant adventures, and experiences in 2019.

2. Visit NYC- I have been wanting to do this for awhile. I have never been and exploring another big city would bring endless possibilities. Plus, I would love to visit one of my best friends!

3. Start a podcast- This has been on so many of my goal lists lately. I love podcasts, as you know, and would love to create one of my own. I need to have a solid planning session and look into any necessary equipment.

4. Travel to 3 new places- Travel is something I really want to focus on and make a reality in 2019. I would love to go many other places, but at least 3 new places would be fun. I am interested in going to Nevada, Utah, Maine, Vermont in the fall, and Arizona in 2019. Going back to Miami is another trip I’d be happy to take.

5. Learn to cook- I can make all the basic meals I like, but I’d love to be able to make some nicer meals with Connor. It’s fun to change things up and we have quite a few cook books that have a lot of good recipes!

I have a million other goals related to running, my job, friendships, and overall happiness. But these are just a few I want to focus on. I finally got my flossing routine down in 2018, so that’s one goal I have finally met. What are your goals for 2019?

2 thoughts on “My Goals For 2019”

  1. 2018 was also my most consistent year of blogging and I really enjoyed it!

    I’ve been to NYC a handful of times but I probably won’t be able to offer any helpful advice. We did most of the touristy things, like go to Times Square and Central Park and stuff. I went with my mom, her friend, and her friend’s daughter when I was in elementary school and we did 5th Avenue and Central Park; I went with my roommate on a trip through our college to go see the Rockettes and walk around Times Square and Rockefeller Center; and my ex-boyfriend and I went to a Yankees game. I wish I knew the city more because I live ~2 hours away? Normally everyone takes the train out of New Haven, CT into Grand Central. It’s so much easier than driving in. Anyways, you should totally go!

    I’d listen to your podcast! I think that would be awesome. What would you talk about?

    My resolutions went up in a post tonight but the general theme is to keep doing what I’m already doing but be better about doing it and hold myself accountable.

    Happy 2019! 🙂

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    1. I’m glad we were able to blog a lot this year! It’s been fun following along with your adventures. I’m excited for more of your posts in 2019.

      I will definitely do some of the tourist stuff just because I feel like it’s a must for NYC! I really want to go in the Empire State Building haha. And try a ton of restaurants! Chicago has a ton of unique places, but I feel like New York will have so much more for me to try.

      I think I would stick to some of my blog topics, have different guests, or maybe do something related to traveling on a budget! I want Connor to do the podcast with me so people don’t have to hear my voice for like an hour straight. I have too many ideas for it lol.

      Happy New Year 🌟

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