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5 Years Of Blogging & Responding To My First Blog Post Ever

To celebrate my 5 year blogging anniversary, I wanted to do a post reacting to my first blog post ever. And yes I was very creative and the title was "First blog post ever." I think is interesting to look back on the way I wrote, how I have changed, and just the overall feelings… Continue reading 5 Years Of Blogging & Responding To My First Blog Post Ever

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A Few Things I Am Doing Everyday To Stay Motivated and Inspired

I have been trying to stay inspired/busy/motivated while being home and working from home. I have been doing a few different things to be creative and do more than just watch TV and play on my phone. This is the longest I have been home in months which is pretty crazy, but I have definitely… Continue reading A Few Things I Am Doing Everyday To Stay Motivated and Inspired


Reflecting On My 2019 Goals

I kept my 2019 goals as my phone background all year. It was a daily reminder of what I was doing and not doing (haha) to reach my goals. I had 5 main goals for 2019: I would say I was relatively successful. I was more consistent with some of the goals (traveling) and accomplished… Continue reading Reflecting On My 2019 Goals



Hello everyone! I feel like most of my recent blog posts have started with something like "it has been so long since I lasted posted" or " I am going to be posting more consistently." It is kind of funny, but I really am going to get more posts up. The schedule was working well… Continue reading Hello!!

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My New Blogging Schedule

Happy Friday! I am my best self on Friday. I'm not sure why, but I'm so happy and so motivated on Friday. I jump out of bed, race to work, smile all day, and feel good about the week. Today I was thinking how I really don't have a solid blogging schedule. I have definitely… Continue reading My New Blogging Schedule

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Sunday Night Routine

Happy Sunday! I always have mixed feelings about Sundays because I love relaxing and getting my life together, but I also get sad because the weekend is over. However, my Sundays usually look pretty similar each week. Whether I am home in Chicago all weekend or on a little weekend trip, I make sure I… Continue reading Sunday Night Routine

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I Feel Like I Haven’t Posted In Forever

Hi everyone! This is going to be a shorter post and the title of this post says it all. It's weird because I posted a few days ago, but it feels like forever. I am usually dreaming up new posts ideas, writing my ideas down on the train, or just posting more consistently. Even my… Continue reading I Feel Like I Haven’t Posted In Forever