Highlights From 2018

1. I started out 2018 with some of my best friends in Bloomington Indiana. I impulse bought a giant teddy bear (it was only 8 dollars) which I ended up gifting to one of my friends at Day Camp this summer.

2. I went on spring break with my friends to Miami. A big highlight from that trip was visiting the Museum of Ice Cream with Connor. It was so cute, colorful, and yummy.

3. Connor and I celebrated 2 years together with a trip to Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio! The weather was nice, the park was pretty, and the ramen after hiking was delicious.

4. I graduated from Indiana University!

5. I went on vacation to Sanibel, Florida with my family and stayed at a cute little cottage.

6. I went to the Indy 500 for the first time. I feel like this is a common Indiana tradition, but I had never been!

7. I worked at Day Camp all summer. I got to spend my days with the cutest 5 and 6 years olds ever and some really fun counselors! I will always have a special place in my heart for the months I spent there!

8. I enjoyed a lake weekend with my college friends. It rained most of the time, but we still had a wonderful time together!

9. I moved into my own place with Connor in Chicago. After living in Chicago the previous summer, I knew I needed to go back!

10. I started my first job at the same place I interned at the summer before. I have made some great friends there and have learned a lot so far.

11. I visited the World’s Largest Gnome in Iowa. I also got to see a good friend while I was there. Really thankful Connor drove me 10 hours in one day to see it.

12. Connor and I traveled to a bunch of different cities in the Midwest. We visited Tom in Minnesota, Shanon in Wisconsin, and Noah in Michigan. Seeing friends is always a highlight, especially post graduation!

13. I visited my friend Sam in Nashville with Connor and Noah. It was so fun seeing her and getting to explore Nashville even more.

14. I went back to IU for homecoming with all of my college friends. We tailgated and went to our favorite bars.

15. I came home to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. I got to see a few of my best friends and try a couple new restaurants with them.

16. Connor and I took a little trip to end off the year. We visited Congaree National Park, Columbia South Carolina, and Asheville North Carolina. We spent some time in nature, which I have missed, and got to explore some cool little towns and restaurants! I will share more in a blog post later this week.

Overall, 2018 was a good year. It brought lots of change, but also so many good memories, trips, meals, and friendships. I am excited to have an even better year in 2019. What are some highlights from your year?

1 thought on “Highlights From 2018”

  1. You did so much traveling last year! I love following along. Are you pretty much settled into your job by now? I feel like six months into my first job I was still getting the hang of things. But it’s great that you’re working at the place where you interned before; that had to help with the transition into a full-time job.


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