Running In A New Place

Running has been a very frequent topic on my blog over the years– from being very dedicated to the sport, to taking time off, to regaining my love of running recently.

Lately, I have been running around my new neighborhood, which has been great for me. It makes running seem new and fun. It gives me a way to explore and exercise at the same time, which is awesome. I always find cute murals, restaurants I want to try, or streets I want to run down next time. I think being in a new place has helped me continue to love running, like I have been working on since the beginning of the summer.

I hope to find some trails nearby to run and also do long runs into other areas of Chicago. I feel like it’s really nice that public transportation is so prevalent here because if I run far one way, I can always hop on a train or bus home. I also hope Connor runs with me more often. We went on a run together the other night and it was really fun to show him where I have been running and also just talk about our days.

I do kind of miss running in the familiar places at home. Since I ran cross country all through middle and high school, I ran pretty much everywhere in my town, so there was always a place to go. I honestly miss the track at my high school the most though, just because it’s easy to get to, easy to track distance, and there are bleachers I can run after my actual run!

Where is your favorite place to run? How do you explore your city?

2 thoughts on “Running In A New Place”

  1. When I started training for my first 5k, I always ran at the track at my old high school. And now I find myself running in my neighborhood more. It’s not all that special—just a regular neighborhood—but there’s a little more to look at than on the track. (Sometimes I see some dogs haha.)

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