Dinner Conversations: TV Shows

Connor and I were chatting about all of the shows we have watched together the other night at dinner. We went to Big Star to get tacos and drinks and pretty much the whole time we tried to remember the shows we have watched since we started dating. We have kind of watched a lot, I think. I wanted to share the list because I really enjoyed almost all of them.

Stranger Things

Peaky Blinders

The Sopranos


The Killing


Sons of Anarchy

A Series Of Unfortunate Events


Parks and Rec

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Queer Eye

Zumbo’s Just Desserts


Fuller House

The People Vs. OJ Simpson

There are probably more shows that should be on that list, but these are the ones we could remember the other day. Of all of these, my favorites are Peaky Blinders, Weeds, The Sopranos, Shameless, and Parks and Rec.

We are looking for a new show to start. Any recommendations? What are your favorite shows?

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