Podcasts I’m Subscribed To

I actually listen to these too. There are some podcasts I am subscribed to that I never actually listen to and just scroll by. Maybe someday I’ll give those another try!

These are my favorites that I listen to each week:

Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Health Daily

Optimal Business Daily

The Advanced Selling Podcast

B2B Growth

In The Arena

The Health Code Podcast

What We Said

Gals On The Go

Thick and Thin

I am obsessed with podcasts lately. I barely listen to music anymore unless I’m running. I love that I always have one to listen to each day on my commute to work. I look forward to Monday morning when a ton of podcasts show up on my phone.

I have tried out some other podcasts over the past year or so, but nothing I have really stuck with other than these. I am always trying to find new ones, but I don’t always make time to listen to all of my favorites on this list either. Regardless, check out some podcasts because I am so glad I started listening to them!

What are your favorite podcasts? Do you prefer music or podcasts? Definitely comment some recommendations!

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