My Favorite Coffee Shops in Chicago

One of the things I miss the most during these weird times is going to coffee shops throughout the week and on the weekends. I can make my own coffee at home, and I do, but I absolutely love trying new coffee shops to spice up the week. I love when coffee shops have signature… Continue reading My Favorite Coffee Shops in Chicago


Weekend in Austin, Texas

I’m back from another weekend adventure, so it’s time for the recap! I got Connor a trip to Austin, Texas for his birthday. I booked this so many months back, so it was fun to finally get to go! It was extra fun because some friends moved their between us booking the trip and actually… Continue reading Weekend in Austin, Texas


Miami Day 2

Surprise!! Two posts for this week! Day 2 in Miami started at the Salty Donut, which is my favorite donut shop in Miami. We got 3 donuts to try and share: Strawberry Shortcake, Vegan Pear Butter & Almond, and Brown Butter & Salt. My favorite and recommendation is the Strawberry Shortcake. It is seriously so… Continue reading Miami Day 2


California Day 2: Lots of Driving, Salvation Mountain, & Downtown LA

Day 2 was a lot of driving, but still super fun. We started our day in our cute Airbnb by Joshua Tree. We saw the sun slowly rise through the windows and I eventually got up to actually see it. It was really beautiful. We got ready super quick and hopped in the giant SUV.… Continue reading California Day 2: Lots of Driving, Salvation Mountain, & Downtown LA


Chicago Life: Places I Want To Eat

Since I live in Chicago and am a huge foodie, restaurants are definitely something I am going to explore during my time here. Last summer, I tried a lot of different places that I loved, but there are still a ton more I have listed in my notes. I thought I'd share some of the… Continue reading Chicago Life: Places I Want To Eat


Goals For The Week 8/12/18

It is Sunday, so that means it is time for me to hold myself accountable for my goals and set any new ones. Last week, I didn't have a ton of goals, but I did a good job meeting them compared to prior weeks. I went for a run around my new neighborhood (planning for… Continue reading Goals For The Week 8/12/18