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Things That Have Inspired Me This Week

I thought it would be fun to start sharing things that are currently inspiring me. I will likely do this post every few weeks or months with the hope of giving you all a little inspiration. Some of these things are podcasts, ideas, and other random things I noticed during the week.

An episode of What We Said podcast called “Tips for Sustainable Living with Whitney Morris.” This made me want to clean out my closet and go through my apartment this week.

The blue skies when I’m leaving work (I feel more motivated to work on my hobbies and get outside for a run).

My travel memory book. It has been so fun to work on this and be creative. It also makes me want to book more trips.

An episode of Gals On The Go Podcast called “Remember Who You Are | How To Bounce Back.”

What is inspiring you lately? Sometimes I find inspiration in the most random moments/things, so I am excited to sprinkle these posts in every now and then.

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