Weekend in Austin, Texas

I’m back from another weekend adventure, so it’s time for the recap! I got Connor a trip to Austin, Texas for his birthday. I booked this so many months back, so it was fun to finally get to go! It was extra fun because some friends moved their between us booking the trip and actually going, so we got to hang out with them! Connor’s dad was also in town for work, so we got to see him too!

We left on Friday afternoon and arrived around 8pm Friday night! I managed to find a Valentine’s Day reservation for us before taking off, which was awesome! After landing we stopped at our Airbnb and then headed to our late dinner at Bar Peached. Bar Peached was offering a 3 course Valentines Day meal so we took advantage of that! We both ordered drinks and our meals. I started with a salad and Connor started with some dumplings. My main course was mushroom risotto and Connor’s was cod with asparagus and potatoes! We ended off with the bingsu for dessert which was really yummy! I loved the overall environment of Bar Peached and would definitely go back! We even got to sit outside which was nice.

The next morning our friends picked us up. We headed to Torchy’s Tacos to start the day. I got the fried avocado taco and it was so good! I probably should have ordered two. Our next stop was coffee like always. I love trying local places, so we went to Houndstooth. I got a Nine Iron. It is essentially a cold brew Arnold Palmer and SO good! I could have had  at least one more, but then I would have been bouncing off the walls hahah!!

The highlight of the trip was next: the “You’re My Butter Half Mural.” This was the number one thing I wanted ti see in Austin because Connor got me a postcard of the mural last time he was there. The mural is in kind of a random spot, but it was so cute. We took some photos and it was super fun. There is even a little stand to prop your phone on if you don’t have someone there to take the photo for you.

The second to last stop of the morning was barbecue. We decided on La Barbecue which is the rival of Franklin’s Barbecue (apparently that’s the best). We drank some beers in line and only waited about an hour. I had the shells and cheese and the chipotle slaw. Both were pretty spicy. Everyone else enjoyed the brisket, turkey, and pulled pork. I normally don’t love barbecue places, but this one was actually pretty fun!

We did attempt to walk around the South Congress area but it was so crowded we hopped back in the car. It looked awesome though. There were shops, restaurants, etc. to explore. We rested up a little and then began our night. We started at Easy Tiger for a quick drink! It was a really cool spot and it would be a fun place to hang out on the weekend. We then walked into a few bars on 6th Street. We got drinks, played some games, and obviously took photos in the photo booth.

Then we went to a secret bar in a parking garage called Garage Cocktail Bar. It was awesome! We got drinks and hung out there a bit. I love secret bars and yummy cocktails, so it was perfect. The cocktail I got was called the “Indian Paintbrush” and I would highly recommend.

The last few stops of the night were on Rainey Street. We went to Unbarlievable, Container Bar, and Javelina. My favorite was definitely Unbarlievable. The atmosphere was super fun and there was a slide. The other bars were fun too though. We grabbed food from the food trucks and ended the trip at Gordough’s which is a donut shop. I didn’t love it, but it was still good! I think I would order something different next time and give it another chance haha.

After the night out we headed back to the Airbnb to get some sleep before our flight the next morning. We did end up having time to get coffee in the morning. We went to Jo’s Hot Coffee and I loved it! I saw it on Instagram because of the cute “I love you so much” mural, but it was actually a great iced coffee. The whole shop was really cute too and there was outdoor seating. Sunday morning was a good time to go because it wasn’t too crowded yet (like the day before on South Congress).

And that was pretty much our whole trip! It was a very quick trip, but well worth it! I’m really excited to go back and explore even more. You can definitely accomplish a lot in just a weekend, but 3 or 4 days would be perfect.

10 thoughts on “Weekend in Austin, Texas”

  1. We went to Austin in October last year, and I loved it! We went to South Congress on a Sunday thinking it would be less crowded, but it was insane with people everywhere. We didn’t spend much time there due to that.

    Rainey Street was fun! We also ate from the food trucks, and it was all so good! Next time you go, add the Firehouse Hostel Lounge to your list of secret bars, it’s behind a bookshelf! We also kayaked Ladybird Lake which was pretty cool!

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. The BBQ place would be right up my alley … love BBQ Turkey! Did you enjoy the airbnb you stayed at? I struggle with airbnb’s because its so hard to decide if the photos align with the actual place! ❤

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    1. It was really fun! I would definitely check out that BBQ place if you ever visit. My friends loved everything they tried! The Airbnb was not my favorite. It was definitely a good amount of space, but not as clean as I would have liked. And the location didn’t match up quite right. But it was decent for a weekend if that makes sense haha!


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