Hello everyone! I feel like most of my recent blog posts have started with something like “it has been so long since I lasted posted” or ” I am going to be posting more consistently.” It is kind of funny, but I really am going to get more posts up. The schedule was working well for awhile, but my actual job has been so busy! Luckily, busy season is winding down, so the blogs, the vlogs, and all other content will be consistent again!

I figured this post could be more of a “catch up” post. Nothing has really changed since last month, but life is good overall. I am working, cooking more (thanks Hello Fresh), running with Connor, and traveling (dreaming about traveling too). I am very excited about my YouTube channel right now for some reason. I am a bit rusty since I have barely posted since college, but it is fun anyway! I figure the videos will be great memories, even if they aren’t the best quality!

Currently, I am obsessed with writing letters and getting cute stationary/cards. I write a few letters each Sunday. I love including little pictures and stickers in each card. I have also been printing out so many photos and trying to decorate a bit more around the apartment. I have been eating lots of popcorn and zucchini. I don’t know why, but those are my go-to snacks right now. I am still obsessed with matcha– I actually tried a nitro matcha latte from Intelligentsia and it was so yummy. It is not great for my wallet though, so it is more of an every now and then treat. Podcasts have been playing on repeat, but I have also been obsessed with the Spotify playlist from the show Euphoria. Lastly, I have some really fun trips planned. I am SO excited for the next one! I will definitely be blogging about the trip, and may even put a little travel video together.

Moving ahead, I have posts planned in my notes and drafted on WordPress. I am working on a recap of my year in Chicago, a new experiment, and many weekend/travel posts. If there is anything else you want see, let me know!

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