Living In A City

Writing this post just popped up in my mind, so here we are. I have lived in a big city for about a year now. I really do love it, but there are definitely pros and cons. Here are some of the things I enjoy and don’t enjoy about living in Chicago.


1. There is almost always something going on: street festivals, concerts, baseball games, bar crawls, etc.

2. The city is so pretty. I love seeing the skyline each day and walking through the city surrounded by such tall buildings.

3. Public transportation is convenient and easy. There are train stops and bus stops everywhere. It is also pretty affordable to take the train everywhere. I pay $105 a month to ride the train or take the bus as much as I want.

4. There are so many different places to explore: different neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, bars, museums, etc.


1. Everyone always seems to be in a rush. I get to work around 7 each morning and people are still running through the city.

2. Sometimes I don’t want to rely on public transportation. I often wish I could just get in the car and drive to Target.

3. Everything seems crowded. Restaurants are usually pretty busy. The train is packed every morning on the way to work and every afternoon on the way home.

4. I sometimes feel bad wanting to do nothing. This is something I am noticing more. With so much going on and so many places to explore, I can feel lazy or unproductive if I just want to have a relaxing weekend.

2 thoughts on “Living In A City”

  1. I totally understand and know how you feel about living in the city. I have been away from home for fifteen years and came back five years ago. I have totally missed and had a hard time adjusting to the country/rural life. But now I am adjusted and live it. Of course, there are those times that I yearn for the ammenities of the city.

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