A Few Favorites for March

Hello everyone! Today I’m here reporting some of my favorite things for the month of March. I like to do these early on in the month to get me pumped up. Lol. March is going to be a good month. I got to go home and see my family for my Mom’s birthday and spring break starts tomorrow. Except I am pretty lucky because both of my classes tomorrow are cancelled, so it really starts tonight! My friends and I are headed to Miami and could not be more excited for warm weather, our adventures, and the Museum of Ice Cream!! Now that I got overly excited about spring break, lets get into my favorites.



Kombucha is one of my favorites right now for sure. I drink it about 3 times a week. I wish I could drink it more, but it can be pricey. I tried Guava Goddess and Pure Love from GT’s Kombucha this week and I definitely have 2 new favorites. I still love the raspberry hibiscus from the Simple Truth brand, but I like to try new ones too! If any of you have any recommendations, definitely let me know!


“Be More Kind”- Frank Turner


Gotta love a song with a good message!



I don’t know if sunglasses count as clothing, but I am going to make it count! I recently got some cute blue lens sunglasses. I feel like they are a little more for the spring and summer, so I am so excited to wear them over spring break! I had a pair of blue ones this past summer, but they got really scratched up, and I loved those, so I know these will be great! I will link them here!


I have been obsessed with my Beats headphones (Beats Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones). My boyfriend got them for me for my birthday a few months ago and I love them. I use them everyday, whether I am listening to podcasts, music, or working out. I have the black ones that go around the outside of your ear and they stay in super well when working out, especially compared to the Apple headphones that came with my phone that I used to use all the time.


Sadly I have not had time to read a full book this month because of school projects and work, but I have started 2 different books, and will definitely be bringing them on spring break with me. I am currently reading “The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson and “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. So far I like both and think they  both bring up good points about business that will come in handy for me in a few short months.

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