Miami Day 2

Surprise!! Two posts for this week! Day 2 in Miami started at the Salty Donut, which is my favorite donut shop in Miami. We got 3 donuts to try and share: Strawberry Shortcake, Vegan Pear Butter & Almond, and Brown Butter & Salt. My favorite and recommendation is the Strawberry Shortcake. It is seriously so… Continue reading Miami Day 2


California Day 2: Lots of Driving, Salvation Mountain, & Downtown LA

Day 2 was a lot of driving, but still super fun. We started our day in our cute Airbnb by Joshua Tree. We saw the sun slowly rise through the windows and I eventually got up to actually see it. It was really beautiful. We got ready super quick and hopped in the giant SUV.… Continue reading California Day 2: Lots of Driving, Salvation Mountain, & Downtown LA


Favorite Spots in Logan Square

It's Sunday and I think this is the first blog that I have been "on schedule" for in a LONG time. Per usual, I am writing about Chicago. Who's surprised?! This was the first weekend where Connor and I were actually in Chicago for an entire weekend. It was actually really nice on Friday, but… Continue reading Favorite Spots in Logan Square

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Weekend Trip to Detroit

Happy Monday! Changing things up this week with a Monday post. Honestly, I was so tired yesterday when we got home from Detroit, so I knew this post would have to wait a day or two. Anyway, Connor and I ventured to Detroit, Michigan on Saturday morning. We got kind of a late start, but… Continue reading Weekend Trip to Detroit


Lazy Weekend Highlights

Happy Sunday! Here with a few highlights from my lazy weekend. I usually like to have lots planned for the weekend, but this weekend I definitely just needed to relax. Connor and I didn't do much this weekend, but there were a few eventful moments. On Friday night we got ramen for dinner. I am… Continue reading Lazy Weekend Highlights


Labor Day Weekend in Minnesota

I'm back! Last week was a bit too stressful so I didn't get around to blogging. But today I'm here with a little post about my trip to Minnesota this weekend. It was my first time in Minnesota. I went with my boyfriend, Connor and our friend, Shanon to visit another friend, Tom. On our… Continue reading Labor Day Weekend in Minnesota


A Few Favorites for March

Hello everyone! Today I'm here reporting some of my favorite things for the month of March. I like to do these early on in the month to get me pumped up. Lol. March is going to be a good month. I got to go home and see my family for my Mom's birthday and spring… Continue reading A Few Favorites for March