I Went to the Museum of Ice Cream!

When I saw that the Museum of Ice Cream was going to hang around Miami a bit longer, I knew I needed to go. I had seen a lot of people I watch on YouTube or follow on Instagram go, so it was somewhere I wanted to go if I ever got the chance. I was a bit worried that it would be overrated or not worth the 40 dollars I paid to go, but in the end I had fun and enjoyed my time there.

I went on a Monday with my boyfriend. It was a gloomy day in Miami, so a perfect day to spend some time indoors. Our ice cream adventure began outside where we were greeted by a very bubbly employee. She made us pick a team captain, so Connor offered and we made up ice cream nicknames. This part of the experience was definitely cheesy, but I appreciated the enthusiasm of the employee. We then waited in line to enter the room with the sprinkle pool. It was the one room where there was a time limit. I would say this was the most popular room. People were laying in the sprinkles getting as many photos as they could during the short time in that room.

Next we moved into a room that looked like a diner. The floors were gold and super pretty. In this room we got our first ice cream treat. It was a chocolate shake with PINK whipped cream. I think it was my favorite ice cream of the day, and if you wanted you could buy the whipped cream in the gift shop. After this room, we passed through many other chances for cute photos, pink walls, balloons, patterned walls, etc.

The next exhibit had a bunch of ice cream cone fans in it. I thought it was a really cute room, but it didn’t give you much more to do than take photos.

We headed into the jungle next. I think this room was the coolest, but I didn’t stay in it long because there were a lot of people. We were given chocolate covered bananas and got to see the cherry swing and banana swing. Sadly I didn’t get to swing, mostly because of the long lines.

After the jungle, we stopped in a room with an ice cream parlor feel where you could pretend to scoop your own ice cream, take photos with the neon sign, and try melted ice cream. It is in one of those little milk cartons you may remember from grade school and tasted just like melted vanilla ice cream.

The next couple rooms were relatively boring. One had sand you could play with and many sand sculptures. The next room was where we ate mochi. I chose mango and Connor got cookies & cream. The decorations in the room were more sculptural and kind of boring as well.

The final room/area was pretty cute and had a lot going on. Right after walking in, we were offered a key lime ice cream cone. I was so full so I didn’t have any, but Connor tried some. There was a rooftop view with outdoor activities you could do. There was the popsicle photo area and this cool colorful window section which I liked. After the last room we stopped in the gift shop and our time at the ice cream museum was over.


I think the Museum of Ice Cream was really fun and somewhere you could go to get really fun, cute pictures if that is something you enjoy. I was honestly surprised we got as many samples as we did, so that was another plus. I think some rooms needed a bit more organization, so everyone could get a chance to see everything. Also, I liked the fact that once you left the sprinkle pool you could stay in the museum as long as you wanted exploring and taking photos. I expected there to be more of a time limit. Overall, it made for a fun time and a ton of color pictures in my camera roll.

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