Eating Healthy/Balanced in College

Hello all, back with my weekly post. Today I want to talk about healthy eating in college and just some tips around keeping a good balance. The tips I have are all things that I have done or that I think are good ways to have balance in your lifestyle. They may not all apply to you.

I can’t say I am the healthiest version of myself right now in my senior year. I am enjoying my last months as a college student, whether that be with new restaurants or nights at the bar. However, generally, I like to keep healthy food at my apartment, and always try to have well-rounded meals with healthy fats, carbs, and vegetarian proteins.

Dorm/Dining Hall Eats:

For me, the dining halls made it impossible for me to eat unhealthy. I recommend not sticking to one place to get food, whether it is the Italian place, the sandwich place, or even the salad bar. A healthy meal in dining hall comes from many different places. For example, I would get rice from the stir fry place, cottage cheese and veggies from the salad bar, and steamed broccoli from the Italian place. I wouldn’t be able to get all of that in one place, so my first tip is get healthy options from all over the dining hall.

Buy fruit at breakfast to have as a snack later in the day.

Drink water, milk, or orange juice with meals. Stay away from the soda machine.

Have healthy snacks in your dorm. I always had rice, almond butter, protein bars, apples, granola, and avocados on hand in my dorm if I got hungry during the day or didn’t feel like going to the dining hall during a big day of studying.

Post-Dorm Eats:

Try water with apple cider vinegar before a meal or in the morning. It helps cleanse and detox your body. It helps me stay on track with my meals too. I feel like eating healthy after drinking it.

Buy lots of veggies, even if they are frozen. Veggies are a great way to bulk up a meal in a healthy way. I add them to pasta, rice, eggs, cottage cheese, or just eat them plain.

Try to buy mostly healthy foods. I usually don’t buy any treats. I honestly usually crave scrambled eggs or rice, so if I want something a little more unhealthy I will go get it and share it with friends.

If you are 21, try to drink healthier drinks at the bars. A vodka cranberry is a good option, and my go-to. Try to stay away from the more sugary drinks and the ones with the most ingredients.


Not everything is about being healthy and that is super important to remember. Living your life and having fun are a huge part of college, so it is totally normal and very okay to have days where you just want pizza or ice cream or beer. College is fun, and you don’t want to miss out on fun times just because there won’t be broccoli at dinner, or the bar, or the tailgate.



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