Eating Healthy/Balanced in College

Hello all, back with my weekly post. Today I want to talk about healthy eating in college and just some tips around keeping a good balance. The tips I have are all things that I have done or that I think are good ways to have balance in your lifestyle. They may not all apply… Continue reading Eating Healthy/Balanced in College


Avocado Greek Yogurt Dip

Just wanted to share one of my favorite snacks! It's pretty healthy with lots of protein and healthy fats! My roommate and I make it all the time because it's perfect to share among two people. I like to have it with carrots and tortilla chips. Any other veggies or crackers probably taste great too,… Continue reading Avocado Greek Yogurt Dip


2016: The Year of Spinach

If you read my last post about my 2016 goals, you would know that I want to incorporate more spinach into my meals this year. So far, I would say it is going pretty well. Spinach pretty much matches all foods in my opinion, but that is also coming from someone who puts cottage cheese… Continue reading 2016: The Year of Spinach