My Day in Chicago (Mostly the Suburbs) 

I went to Chicago this week for a couple of days with my boyfriend who had an interview. I spent a lot of the time alone just exploring the suburbs which I feel like I never go to. But we were in actual Chicago for a bit too! 

During the day I had a lot of down time so I worked on homework and then went to some stores I don’t get to go to all the time in Indiana, at least where my school is. I really wanted to find the Moscow Mule Kettle Chips because I love Moscow Mules. And I actually found them! So that was an exciting moment. After trying them they taste kind of like average chips. The first chip definitely tastes like a Moscow Mule, but after a few more you just taste the lime and ginger. 

I went to Trader Joe’s, a giant Forever 21, and Binny’s. I probably sound weird because I went to so many grocery type stores, but I love them. Of course I got breakfast/lunch. I got a pitaya bowl from Jamba Juice and it was exactly what I wanted and super refreshing. 

I did more homework and then it was finally time to go see my bff in the city. We met her at bopNgrill which I have definitely talked about. It’s my favorite restaurant in Chicago and one of my favorites overall. It was delicious as always. Then we got margaritas and hung out. It was great being back in the same area I spent my summer!


I was happy to escape for a little bit just because being in the same town and doing the same thing almost every day can get a little monotonous. I also just love Chicago and wanted to see my bff and bopNgrill of course. 

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