My Travel Tips: How I Save Money/Days Off & Make The Most Of The Weekend

Hello blogger friends!! I am back and ready to share lots of posts! Today I am sharing my tips for travel. A lot of people ask me how I am able to travel so much and fly so many places. The tips below are some of the ways I am able to do so! I am sure some of these are obvious, but I wanted to include as much as I could.

1. I have a long list of places I want to visit in the near future. This gives me tons of options when I am looking for flights. Some places I have on my list at all times are Miami FL, Austin TX, Boston MA, Phoenix AZ, etc. I am able to compare all of the locations and prices to determine where would be best to go.

2. I try to travel Friday evening to Sunday evening. Sometimes I will do longer weekends and take a day off but that depends on travel distance. For example, places like New York or Florida would be good for 2 day trips. Anywhere on the West Coast would call for a day off for me personally.

3. I check flights almost everyday. I use Google Flights most often. I have had really good experiences using it to find flights and they are usually the same price as other flight searching websites. I will occasionally check Southwest, but flights tend to be more pricey. I do like the number of flight times they have if timing is more crucial.

4. I almost always fly basic economy. It’s a great way to save money and not overpack. For a 2-4 day trip, a backpack or a small duffel will usually fit all of my clothing/shoes/toiletries. If it’s a trip where I may need to carry my things for a period of time, I always go with a backpack. The only time this hasn’t worked well for me was in Miami because I was very sunburnt and my backpack hurt my shoulders (hahaha). But otherwise a backpack is perfect.

5. I create a list of things you want to do on your weekend trip. I typically research right after booking a flight or a few weeks in advance. I love checking Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram accounts related to my destination. I also always research certain topics. Some of these are donuts, murals, nature/outdoor areas, bars with yummy cocktails, and ramen. Additionally, I have shared note with Connor or whoever I am traveling with so that we have lots of options for food, activities, etc. (that way anyone can edit the list too!)

6. I create an itinerary. This doesn’t have to be minute by minute, but having a loose idea of what you want to do each day really helps. I find that I get most things done the first day and have a bit more free time on the second day (this is when the list comes into play).

7. I Uber or take advantage of public transit. Unless I am going somewhere more than 30 minutes away or have a ton of destinations, I don’t like to rent a car. I feel like it’s another thing to worry about with parking, gas, etc. so I usually stick to Uber. I also love to walk places (great way to explore) or take public transit if it is available. Walking and taking public transit are definitely cheaper, but Ubering is always nice for further distances or bad weather (this is probably obvious).

8. I make travel a priority. I don’t have a whole lot of responsibilities at this point in my life. I basically just work and live in my apartment, so it is easier to make a travel a regular thing. I would much rather spend my money on a flight, hotel, or gas for Connor’s car than on going out all the time or a bunch of new clothes.

9. I look into traveling places that people may not always look into right away. This is really common for me when it comes to road trips! Any city or state can make for a fun adventure, so checking out cities with fun restaurants or hiking areas is a good idea!

Hopefully some of these tips are helpful for you. I am curious about some of your travel tips.. leave them in the comments below!!

See you in my next post!

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