TRAVEL, weekend

Washington DC Highlights

Connor and I visited Washington DC over the weekend! We found a decent price on a flight and knew we would want somewhere to travel during the month of July. Our main plan with this trip was to go to a few museums we hadn’t been to on our family trips to DC and explore other aspects of DC like food, drinks, etc. We stayed at the Washington Hilton because it was was in a good spot and had a nice outdoor pool we could use if we wanted a break from exploring. I would definitely say DC has a lot to offer and anyone can find something fun to do. Here are some of the highlights:

1. The International Spy Museum: This was one Museum Connor and I both hadn’t been to before. Connor was definitely more interested in going to this museum than I was, but it ended up being pretty cool! This museum did cost money, but we were able to utilize our student IDs to get a $5 discount. The adult pricing is typically $24.95. I would say the best parts of this museum were at the beginning. It’s a pretty interactive museum where you get an identity at the beginning. I personally liked seeing the videos and learning about all of the different gadgets. The museum definitely got more boring at the end, so Connor and I kind of sped up through that part. Overall, worth a trip!

2. District Doughnut: I looked up donut places before heading to DC because I always like to try out new places. District Doughnut was one of the places that came up a bunch more me. I read reviews on it and decided it was the donut place for me. There are a few locations throughout DC. I honestly have no idea what area the first one was in, but there is one location at the Wharf area. The shop has a bunch of flavors to choose from. Some flavors are twists on original flavors, and others are more unique. Connor and I tried a few and our favorites were the everything bagel and the key lime pie! The everything bagel donut may be my favorite donut EVER! Prices were pretty standard for specialty donut shops (around $3.50 per donut).

3. Daikaya Ramen: I was recommended this ramen place in a Facebook group (for Gals on the Go). It wasn’t too far from all of the monuments and museums, so Connor and I knew we needed to go. We sat down immediately once we got there and got to order right away! Then our food was out in less than 5-7 minutes. It was some of the best ramen I have ever had. I loved that it had brussel sprouts in it and I LOVED the egg! I highly recommend checking it out if you are in DC.

4. Hank’s Oyster Bar: Connor found this place on Yelp. There are a couple of locations, but we went to the one in/near DuPont Circle. We made reservations and the place was very busy. The cocktails all looked amazing and they were really nice. I would say a bit overpriced though. The menu had a ton of seafood options and very few vegetarian options. However, the sides were basically all vegetarian, so I got the Market Vegetable Plate (I got to the 5 of the sides and the portions were amazing). Connor got a few oysters as an appetizer and the seafood linguine dish.

5. The Wharf: Connor and I went to the wharf on Sunday. It was such warm weather, so being by the water was a bit more breezy. There were swings, a splash pad for kids, lots of restaurants, and hotel, and shops along the water. We walked all the way down to where there were lots of seafood vendors. We got coffee and donuts (again) while we were at the wharf. I think it would be a great place to get dinner or drinks in the evening too.

6. Ben’s Chili Bowl: We saw this place on one of Anthony Bourdain’s shows. It has chili dogs, burgers, fries, and milkshakes. There was a long line when we got there, so we knew it was really going to be good. I loved that the menu featured some vegetarian meals. It is always nice to see this because a lot of times I can’t enjoy meals at places that primarily serve burgers or hot dogs. Connor and I both got chili dogs (mine was a veggie dog with veggie chili) and devoured them in minutes. It was definitely a good place to check out! Also, I am pretty sure it is open super late (2 or 3am), so it is pretty easy to find time to go!

Other cool places we went were Blind Whino, Olivia Macaron, and Ice Cream Jubilee (see photos below).

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