I Have Been Waking Up Earlier and Staying Up Later

Per usual, I’m a bit off schedule on my blog, but we all know I’ll make it up for the missed posts at some point. I feel best about my posts when I feel inspired to write them! I like a schedule, but I also like writing my thoughts as they come to me.

I am sitting on the couch watching Game of Thrones with Connor right now. He told me I had to watch it with him, and I actually really like it! Connor is almost always right about tv shows. Plus, I feel like everyone loves this show, so I should have known it would be good! Anyway, I am sitting here thinking about my life, especially my sleep recently.

Lately, I have been staying up later– 10pm or 11pm. This is late for me as I like to get to bed around 9pm. There were even some nights where I would be dozing off by 8 or 8:30pm. Along with staying up later and not being as tired, I have been waking up earlier, naturally. I usually try to get up by 6:30am. The past couple weeks I have been waking up at 6am, or even earlier.

I have to say, I kind of love it. Aside from the fact I am sometimes not tired when I force myself to go to bed, I feel more energized throughout the day. I am starting to think I have been getting too much sleep!

I feel like I am back to my sophomore year routine where I stayed up so late (much later than I do now) and woke up so early (had to get a long run in before my 8am class). Of course the college schedule was a bit more extreme, but I also didn’t have a full-time job. Anyway, I am feeling more energized lately, so I am going to see how this new routine works out for me! Also, I am craving coffee more than matcha lately, so that could be part of the reason I’m super energized.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Have you found your perfect amount of sleep? Do you prefer to start your morning with coffee, tea, or something else?

4 thoughts on “I Have Been Waking Up Earlier and Staying Up Later”

  1. I’m such a night bird, lol. I love that you’ve been feeling so energized even with getting less sleep! I hear people talking about waking up with energy and I’d honestly like to know how because I’m literally always dragging, no matter how early I go to bed. Coffee is my best friend, haha!

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    1. I think I may have been getting too much sleep 😂 I wish I could wake up even earlier to get stuff done before work, but I think 5:45-6 is the earliest I can do! Just thinking about a morning coffee helps me get up in the morning because it gives me something to look forward to haha

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      1. You know, I have noticed that sometimes I feel more tired when I sleep extra late, lol! Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine getting up that early, so good for you! I’m dragging even at 7:30 lol. Oh my gosh, yes, just the thought of morning coffee makes me so happy hahaha.

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