TRAVEL, weekend

Indiana Dunes Adventure

Connor and I went on a little adventure on Saturday. The past couple of weekends have been more low key, so we wanted to get out of the house and do something. The weather wasn’t perfect. It was rainy and windy, but the temperature wasn’t too bad! We set out for northern Indiana at about 11am.

We had a couple destinations in mind: the Indiana Dunes (the newest National Park!!) and an outlet mall in Michigan City. We started at Mt. Baldy, a super tall dune at the Indiana Dunes! It was closed off, but we were able to take the trail to the beach. It was really pretty. The water was frozen over, but it was such a nice blue color.

After pulling off to Mt. Baldy, we headed to the outlet mall. It was only 2 or 3 miles away, so it was a quick drive. We went to some stores, but left empty-handed. The outlets weren’t as good as I remembered. I would go sometimes when I was younger and love all the shops, but I wasn’t as impressed this time around. I was pleased with the sample I tried at the Lindt chocolate store. It was a white chocolate blueberry truffle and it was so yummy!

We grabbed lunch at Jimmy Johns and then headed to the main beach at the Indiana Dunes. It was $7 to enter and no one was there except two other people (understandably since it was cold and rainy). We walked along the beach and considered running up the dune. We opted not to since the ground was wet. Overall, it was pretty, but the dunes are definitely better in the summer.

The rest of our day and weekend was fun, but that sums up our time at the Indiana Dunes! I am excited to go back in the summer. The only downside is how crowded it is, but the crowds are worth the warm weather and sunny days!

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