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Happy Thursday! I started writing this on Tuesday night, but I fell asleep haha! Anyway, I feel like I have been very happy lately and I’m so thankful I can say that. Life is never perfect, but feeling content with my life and the things I am doing is a really good feeling.

I was skeptical about moving to Chicago at first. I knew I loved the city. I had a great summer here the year before I moved here officially. I had a lot of friends coming back to work at the company I am at now, so that was comforting. But I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

I wasn’t sure if the job I took would be the right job for me. I wasn’t sure if Chicago was the city for me. There was just a lot of uncertainty. I wanted to make sure that I was happy.

I am so thankful that I moved here. Chicago is such a fun place to live. I have a nice time at work each day. I think the most important thing about my job to me is my coworkers and the friendships I have built with them. Going to work is so much more fun when you know you’ll get to see your friends.

I guess what I’m saying is you should always do things that are outside of your comfort zone or that you might not be 100% certain about. I am so happy I gave Chicago a chance, took a job here, moved in with Connor, and lots more.

I am excited to see what I’m up to in a year. As long as I’m happy and healthy, I know I will be content with where I am. Of course I want to be successful at work and in my hobbies. I want to travel a lot. I want to do so many things. But most of all, I always want to be happy!

Thanks for reading this random post. I am happy to have all of you sticking around to read about my thoughts, adventures, etc. If there are any posts you want to see, let me know!

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