I Was In Bloomington Less Than 24 Hours & This Is What I Ate

I am back after a week long break!! For some reason, I had so much to say, but couldn’t really figure out how to form it into a blog. This past week went by fast, and was fun, but I have been so tired lately, which was probably part of the reason I didn’t post.

I felt like Connor and I weren’t going to do anything too crazy this weekend, but we ended up driving down to Bloomington, IN on Saturday afternoon (the town where we went to college).

Our plan was to hang out with friends (and we did of course), but when I’m in Bloomington, I like to hit some of my favorite restaurants. We managed to get 3 of our favorite things while we were there because of dinner, late night food, and breakfast. The only thing we didn’t get was coffee, but it wasn’t necessary.

I think Bloomington has some really great restaurants, and is full of foods that remind me of college. I’d say that makes sense considering I spent 4 years there. Anyway, the moment we got to Bloomington, which was around 7pm, we headed to Ami. Ami was always my go-to spot for sushi when I was in college. They had a deal where it was 30% off on Tuesdays, so my friends and I would go a lot.

Connor and I both ordered some rolls and slurped down our miso soup. I got an extra roll to save for later because they are honestly so much cheaper than in Chicago. Between the two of us we got 2 sweet potato rolls, a shiitake roll, an avocado roll, and a spider roll (this was one of Connor’s).

I would categorize our next meal as a late night snack. Pizza X was one of our favorite places to get late night food in college. There were a few others places we would go, but cheesy bread was probably the best. We ordered an extra large cheese bread with a bunch of dipping sauces to all share. I usually just go with the nacho cheese dipping sauce, but I’m also a fan of the garlic sauce. It was so yummy and the perfect way to end the night. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo because it was gone in minutes (haha).

Our last Bloomington meal consisted of smoothie bowls! InBloom Juicery is one of my favorite spots for a healthy treat. The hours were always a little weird in college, but luckily it was open today (Sunday). We got the “Pink Dragon” and the “Blue Majik.” Both we’re so good and so beautiful. I love how bright and fresh the bowls look and taste.

I’d say we did a pretty good job with the food scene on our trip to Bloomington. I always love going back to my favorite restaurants, but I also love seeing what new places pop up, so I can try them, too! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed some yummy food!

1 thought on “I Was In Bloomington Less Than 24 Hours & This Is What I Ate”

  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend. Have you ever heard of Monical’s Pizza? I am not sure if it’s just a central IL thing … but if you get the chance I’d recommend it! 🙂 Weird question and I am sure that I’ve read about this on your blog before but are you vegetarian or just prefer to stick to a plant based diet??


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