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3 Things I Do To Stay Happy

Happy Tuesday! This week has been really good so far! My weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing and doing things, so I think that's part of the reason I feel so refreshed. I thought of this quick post idea when I was walking around at sunset in Arizona last week. Something about the cool,… Continue reading 3 Things I Do To Stay Happy


My Goals for 2020

Happy New Year! I am pretty sure I have shared my goals every year since I started blogging. It is a great way for me to get my goals out there and hold myself accountable. I shared a recap of the goals I had for 2019 in a post, so if you want to check… Continue reading My Goals for 2020


My Best Habits

Happy Wednesday! I saw the word habit on Instagram the other day and that's where this short post came from. I am always trying to build healthy and positive habits. I feel like they can change sometimes, but these are the ones I am always good about. 1. Drinking a ton of water 2. Going… Continue reading My Best Habits


Things I Want To Work On

Not living for the weekend Finding motivation when I am uninterested in something Embracing change I want to work on the 3 things listed above. I have definitely noticed that I am not great at any of these things and want to work on being better about them. Since entering the workforce and starting my… Continue reading Things I Want To Work On