Day Trip to Milwaukee

Milwaukee is 1-2 hours away from Chicago, so I figured it would be a good place for a little day trip. Connor and I got a pretty late start, but we did end up going to Milwaukee for the day! I got a few recommendations from a coworker of things to do, so we had that going for us.We started at the Public Market. I always love these kinds of places, mostly because I love food. We walked around there and ended up getting a coffee at Anodyne Coffee in the market. I got the Honey Bee and Connor got the Turtle Mocha. Both were yummy and it definitely gave me some needed energy.After we grabbed our coffee, we walked around near the market. There were quite a few shops and restaurants. As well as a little bridge with a view of the water and some of the city. We stopped in a store called Mod Gen. It reminded me of a shop I like in Chicago called Foursided. There were cute Christmas decorations, greeting cards, plants, and cute gifts throughout the store. I could see myself spending way too much money there. Luckily and sadly, I left empty-handed. Hopefully, I will get to go back next time I go to Milwaukee. We decided we should eat, so we went to Bel Air Cantina. My coworker recommended this to us and it was definitely a fun place to get tacos. There were a lot of options, including a whole vegetarian section. I got the Roasted Rainbow Roots taco and the Port-Queso taco. Connor got the Journey House taco, the Roasted Brisket taco, and the Korean Beef taco. All were good! And the chips and salsas were nice too, especially the orange one. After our meal, we went to the water just for fun before we left. We went over by the art museum and it looked really cool, so I’m hoping to go there next time. After a few pictures of the lake, we headed home. We weren’t in Milwaukee long, but agreed to go back once it’s warmer out so we can walk around more!

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