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Highlights From My Weekend in Indiana

Weekend posts late on Tuesday nights are becoming a regular thing. I should really get back to posting them on Sunday nights. Anyway, I went home last weekend for a wedding. The weekend went fast, but it was relaxing and nice to drive around in a car rather than taking the train or walking everywhere. Here are the highlights:

1. I saw my family! I actually saw most of my extended family because of the wedding I went to. But I did get to spend time with my parents, sister, and dog.

2. I got to have some of my favorite bagels. I’m pretty sure my parents get these bagels most Sundays and they are some of my favorites. I always get sesame seed. What’s your favorite bagel?

3. I went to a coffee shop that I haven’t tried in Indy. Its called Provider. Connor and I went before we headed back to Chicago. I got an iced matcha latte and he got a butterscotch latte. Both were really good. I drank my latte in like 2 seconds if that says anything. Also, it was a really cute spot. I’m hoping to go back again!

4. I went to a normal size Target. There are obviously Targets in Chicago, but some are smaller and don’t have all of the departments. My sister and I love going to Target together so it was a must while I was home. Luckily I didn’t buy anything except some tea! Does anyone else love going to Target for fun?

5. Connor and I did a puzzle. This isn’t technically a highlight from Indiana because we did the puzzle in Chicago, but we did receive the puzzle in Indiana. My mom made us a winter care package for the cold days when we don’t want to leave our apartment, which was so nice of her. One of the things in it was a national park puzzle. Connor loves going to the national parks, so it was a really perfect gift. We did almost all of it on Sunday night!

Those are my weekend highlights. What are some of the highlights from your weekend?

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