Favorite Food in Chicago (So Far)

Here with a food post! I have tried a lot of different restaurants, coffee shops, and dessert places since moving to Chicago. I discovered a few favorites last summer that are still my favorites, but also some new places that I know I will keep going to many times. I have already been back to a couple of these places. Here are my favorite spots in Chicago for a meal, a latte, or a little treat:

Eli’s Ark

I saw this place on Instagram back when I first moved here. A foodie I follow kept posting these adorable gelatos. I love animals, gelatos, and anything cute, so I knew I needed to go here. There are a ton of different flavors and I really want to try all of them some day. So basically the process is, pick a flavor or 2, and then choose what animal or animals you would like your cone to look like. There are bears, bunnies, pigs, dogs, cats, etc. 1. It makes for a fun experience. 2. The gelato is so good!

Ramen San

I started going to Ramen San last summer after my friend, Emi got me hooked on ramen. I have tried quite a few places since last summer, including ramen places in other states, and Ramen San is my favorite. I usually get the shiitake ramen and have seen my friends try many other flavors that they have enjoyed. It is around 15 to 17 dollars a bowl, but it is definitely worth the money if you are looking for a good bowl of ramen.

Big Star

I have been to Big Star twice since moving to Chicago in August. I seriously love the tacos. There are about 4 vegetarian options and all of them are so good. My favorite is the tofu one, but the potato one is also so flavorful. I don’t even like potatoes and I love that taco. The paloma is definitely the best drink there. It’s probably the only drink I really like at Big Star. I don’t recommend a lot of the drinks because they aren’t the greatest and they are relatively expensive. If I were you, I would skip the drink and order another taco.

Goddess and The Baker

I have included Goddess in like 5 blog posts and it deserves to be in every one of those posts. First, it is an adorable coffee shop. It make for cute photos for Instagram, but also just puts you in a good mood. There are breakfast options and little desserts. I want to try the rainbow cake there and still haven’t, so I need to do that sometime soon! The drink menu is my favorite part. There are multiple matcha latte options and coffee drinks. I usually go for matcha but the Mayan Mocha is too good there. I love when coffee shops have fun drinks rather than just the classic drinks.


This sushi spot may have made an appearance in a recent blog post. Every time I want sushi, this is where I want to go. Connor and I went here for the first time about a month ago for a dinner with some friends. The next day, we went again with his family. It’s BYOB which is alway fun. The garlic edamame is delicious. And there are so many great sushi combinations. I like that there are a lot of vegetarian options beyond the avocado or shiitake rolls. I usually get one of the more specialty rolls and then a simpler roll, like the one I included a photo of.


My all time favorite restaurant in Chicago is bopNgrill. I went here for the first time my sophomore year of college with my friend, Emi. Once I moved here for the summer last year, I went almost every week or every other week. The bibimbap is satisfying, flavorful, and inexpensive. It comes with so many toppings including kimchi which gives such good flavor. I also love the egg on there! Connor and I went for the first time since moving here the other night and he loved the burger he got, so there are other menu options for those of you who might want something other than bibimbap.

Which of the restaurants mentioned would you want to try? What is your favorite restaurant or coffee shop? What do you order there?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Food in Chicago (So Far)”

  1. I love all of your food posts! Those teddy bear cones are so adorable, and the pictures from bopNgrill look really good. I love eggs on burgers.

    I wish there were more little shops and restaurants in my area. My town has basically every chain restaurant you can imagine, and I’d like to try more locally owned restaurants. There’s one little place about 20 minutes from my house that’s like a little farm stand that has ice cream and bagels and cider donuts and it’s always really good. I like to get a wild cheddar bagel (locally made) with veggie cream cheese. They make their own ice cream, and I got the grasshopper the last time I went: mint ice cream with Oreos.

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    1. That place sounds amazing! Donuts, ice cream, and bagels are three of my favorite foods. I feel like I always get the same flavor bagel, ice cream etc. I need to branch out more from the flavors I get because a wild cheddar bagel sounds really good!

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