Places I Want To Travel In The United States

Of course I want to travel all sorts of places abroad, but there are still so many places I want to visit in the United States. I’m hoping to go to a lot of these places in the next few years. I’m sure there are destinations I am forgetting, but here is a list of cities, parks, states, etc. that I am excited to go someday!

Maine- I don’t have a specific city or destination in mind for this one, but it’s definitely one of the top places I want to go.

New York City- I have been to New York before, just never the city. I have been wanting to go for awhile, but I especially want to go now because one of my best friends lives there now! While there, I want to do all the tourist stuff and go to a ton of restaurants. I have a ton of places saved on Instagram that I want to try.

Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan- I feel like this is a random place to want to go, but it looks fun! Hoping to go before it gets cold!

Garden of the Gods- Connor and I keep seeing ads for this place and it looks really pretty! Not too far either because it’s in Illinois!

7 Magic Mountains- This place just looks cool! If I’m ever in Nevada I’m going to make sure to check it out.

Yosemite National Park- This is one of the top parks I want to visit. I’m hoping we will get to go soon! Connor says it’s really pretty!

Seattle, Washington- I have never been to Washington before, and Seattle is a city I want to visit! No particular reason.

Hawaii- My parents went to Hawaii last year and it looked really pretty. I’m not exactly sure where in Hawaii I want to go, but it’s a top place on my list.

Alaska- Hoping to see the Northern Lights if I go to Alaska. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to go to Iceland lol.

Mount Rushmore- I would have never wanted to go to Mount Rushmore when I was little, but ever since my friend Emi and I joked about going for spring break in high school, I have wanted to go.

Arches National Park- Arches is another Park I want to visit. In general, I want to go to Utah because I have never been, and Arches would be a top priority on that trip.

Antelope Canyon- I saw a picture of this on Instagram the other day and it looked so cool, so it made the list! Also, I have never been to Arizona, so this could be a great reason to go, along with the Grand Canyon and other parks!

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