Weekend In Indiana

I feel like all I do now is write posts about my weekend. But I love the weekend and try to make the most of my weekends! This past weekend Connor and I headed home to Indiana. We wanted to spend some time with family and meet up with some of our college friends who are either still in college or living in Indiana still!

Connor and I headed to Indiana after work on Friday. The drive actually felt really short and I sadly had to limit the Eminem we listened to because Connor thinks I listen to Eminem too much. Can’t help it though because he is my favorite! I got home around 11pm and talked with my parents a bit, then made myself at home on the couch in the room I used to sleep in.

The next morning, my parents and I met my sister for breakfast. I got eggs Benedict. Overall, my family didn’t love the place we chose, but that’s ok. I liked the coffee I had. After breakfast, my sister and I went to two Targets. I don’t go to Target often in Chicago and I heard there were some cute clothes there and I wanted to get a cute bath mat I saw online. I ended up with one shirt and the bath mat.

After spending time with my sister, I packed a bag and picked up my best friend, Emi. Connor and I planned to meet some friends in Bloomington, where our old college is. Emi and I drove to Bloomington, picked up Connor’s sister, and went to the new bubble tea shop that recently opened. I have never been a bubble tea girl, but I wanted to give it another try. Emi loves bubbles so I knew we had to go. I got the taro bubble tea, Emi got oolong, and Emilee got the coffee bubbles. The new shop is actually adorable, so if you are ever in Bloomington, I recommend stopping by!

We went to hang out with Connor’s family for a bit and catch up. Then we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Bloomington– Ami. It’s the sushi place I have probably written about like 100 times. We met some friends there, chatted, and enjoyed our sushi. I got an avocado roll and a shiitake roll– both were delicious. After dinner, we met up with a big group of friends and went to some of the bars we would always go to during college. It was nice to be back, especially because I have missed my friends.

The next morning we headed home to pick up a few things for our apartment and grab some groceries. My parents and Connor’s parents were both so kind to send us back with some of our favorite foods! The drive back didn’t feel as short as the ride to Indiana, but we got back pretty smoothly!

I’m already excited for my next trip home. It’s great seeing friends and family. And it’s kind of relaxing to be at home. Still love Chicago so much though!

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