My First Week in Chicago

I have officially lived in Chicago for one week! Hopefully you all aren’t completely annoyed by all of the “Chicago” references I have made on my blog recently. I promise there will be other content/topics soon, this is just my life at the moment.

There have been a lot of fun moments during my first week here, and some bumps in the road too. I just wanted to give a little look into what I have been up to this week!

  1. I had my first day of work.
  2. I am starting my training which will be close to 2 years long.
  3. I shadowed/get to keep shadowing the same coworker I shadowed as an intern last summer. It is pretty cool seeing how he has excelled in his role and its nice to see a familiar face.
  4. I had my first assessment at work. And there will be about 4 more in the coming weeks and months.
  5. I love that I get to work with many of the same people from last year. Once again, I love a familiar face.
  6. I honestly wish my train ride was a bit longer. I like having that time in the morning to relax before work. It is nice having a short commute though because I get home really fast in the evening.
  7. The parking on our street is free which is great, but it can be impossible to find a spot sometimes which has been slightly stressful and time consuming. But we are super lucky to have free parking because parking can run residents close to 200 a month in some areas.
  8. We just got our gas all set up and turned on today, so we have had our share of cold showers. I am so excited for a warm, longer shower.
  9. I love our apartment. It is perfect for us right now. The rent isn’t bad for Chicago. I love the area we are in. And its just so cute and little.
  10. I have been listening to the “What We Said” podcast like crazy. I listened to 5 or 6 episodes this week between train rides and cleaning around the apartment.
  11. I am not running as much as I would like, but I did get one run in around where we live and it was really fun. I am definitely going to get into a better habit of running each day once we are more settled in.
  12. I have been flossing everyday. I’m sure this isn’t that monumental for you all, but I have been terrible about flossing the past couple years– making it a habit again.
  13. Connor and I had our first visitors– are friend, Tom and his girlfriend, Brenda. It is nice having some friends over to visit.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am really excited to get out an explore this weekend! I will keep you all updated and be back with some new posts soon! If you want to stay even more updated (lol), you can follow my blog-related Instagram!

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