Goals For The Week 8/12/18

It is Sunday, so that means it is time for me to hold myself accountable for my goals and set any new ones. Last week, I didn’t have a ton of goals, but I did a good job meeting them compared to prior weeks. I went for a run around my new neighborhood (planning for many more of those), I got pretty much everything unpacked and organized, I listened to a ton of podcasts, and I had a nice first day of work. I definitely drank more water this week, but nowhere near enough, so I need to make sure I’m refilling my water bottle more throughout the week.

Side note: I am definitely planning on doing a post about podcasts soon! Not sure if that will be this week or not, but I have found a few that are really easy to listen to and just fun. Also, I might share some of my favorite, easy meals to make for the days where you just don’t have enough time or aren’t home for long. Now onto my goals!

  1. Maintain a positive attitude at work.
  2. Write more than one blog post during the week.
  3. Explore something new in Chicago.
  4. Get the final things I need for my apartment.
  5. Change my LinkedIn summary up.
  6. Try making a new recipe to bring in my lunch or to have for dinner.

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