My First Day Of Work

I officially had my first day of work. Today was just orientation so we got done super early– usually I will work until 5 or 6 like most people do. I thought I’d share how my first day went and just my overall feelings about starting my actual adult life.

I wasn’t nervous going into work today. I was mostly a little bit tired and stressed to drive in the Chicago traffic. Once I got through the traffic and got some coffee, I was pretty excited to get started. I think I am more nervous for the training the next few weeks, but I think I will learn a lot.

Overall, the first day went well. Because it was orientation, it was more of an overview of the company, benefits, and other information. It actually went by pretty fast and I learned a few things I didn’t learn at my internship last year. It was nice because some other interns from last summer came back to work full time, so I had some friends!

It’s weird to think I’m pretty much going to work for the rest of my life from here on out, but thinking about the future, learning, growing, etc. is exciting. Even though I am a little worried about training and being amazing at my job, I know for sure that I am going to work my hardest and have a positive attitude. Those two things have never failed me!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday and I’ll talk you in my next post! 🙂

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