Vegan for a Minute

Currently I am vegan. I am just trying it out. I have tried once before, but I had a 10-day stomach ache, so I stopped. I wanted to try again because it has always been something I was interested in.

I am a week in this time and I have actually felt great. I have a lot more energy which is nice- probably from eating 80 percent carbs. I have been focusing on eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

So far this is what I have been having on a typical day:

Breakfast: An apple or frozen fruit and beans (kind of weird I know)

Lunch: A ton of spinach with beans, vegetable mix, and nutritional yeast on it or a sweet potato and some fruit

Dinner: Whatever I didn’t have for lunch

Dessert: Frozen fruit or peanut butter or a bowl of cereal (or two… most likely two) with almond milk

If I am hungry between meals, I usually just snack on some fruit… an apple, grapes, watermelon, whatever we have in the house.

I feel satisfied and energized for my runs by what I am eating, but I don’t think I will continue eating vegan for very long. I think for me, I need to have some dairy, like Greek yogurt and especially cottage cheese. I know that you can eat a vegan diet and get the protein you need, but that is the only thing I think/know I am lacking from this way of eating.

I was vegetarian before this and will keep eating some of my vegan “meals” because I like all of the things I have been having, but cottage cheese was one of the main foods I relied on before this. It was basically a food group for me, so my body misses it. Lol.

If you are interested in eating a vegan diet, I would recommend trying it out. It is a great way to fill your body with lots of nutrients and get way more fruits and vegetables into your diet. But if it isn’t something you are interested in, thanks for reading anyways 🙂

If anyone has any vegan meal ideas, definitely let me know in the comments.

Also, this is just my experience with veganism. It is different for everyone and everyone has their own opinions on what people should and shouldn’t be eating.

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