Sophomore Year Recap

I haven’t posted on here in so long! I was finishing off the last few weeks of school and now I’m home for summer. 

It was definitely a fun year with new people, challenges, etc. I didn’t like any of my classes second semester, but hopefully next year I will like them better. 

I took some time off of running after my half marathon. Not necessarily a couple weeks, but my runs just weren’t as consistent.

Some highlights of the year… 

Playing with the tigers at Wildlife in Need 

Bonfires with Sam, Nate, and Lauren 

Visiting Aislinn at Purdue 


Visiting Emi in Chicago 

Valentine’s Day even though it was the 12th

The day I made this oatmeal for the first time 

Emi visiting IU 

Aislinn visiting IU 

Finishing the Hoosier Half Marathon 

Little 5

My weekend at IUPUI & seeing Mumford and Sons with Annie 

Collecting these cute gnomes 

Planned on having the best year ever and I did. But next year will be even better. 

Check out the video recap on Ellie & Lauren

5 thoughts on “Sophomore Year Recap”

  1. You were a sophomore? Same:) Hope it wasn’t too stressful, I have two more weeks of schooling to go through before my summer starts. Good to see you back, hope to see more writings from you:)

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      1. Thanks for the Luck, I’ll need it lolz. Thanks for the compliment, means a lot:)) and do it, it’s a perfect time to write with no more stress on you:)

        Liked by 1 person

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