Summer is Here 

I am about 3 weeks into my summer and I have decided that I am officially excited about it. Most of all I just want some nice weather for once. I went to a concert 2 weeks ago and had to wear gloves and a winter jacket. 

This summer I am excited to… 

1. Run with Emi 

2. Have time to read 

3. Hang out with my sister (she looks thrilled too) 

4. Eat blueberries 

5. Finish and actually understand my summer class 

6. Run a race on the 4th of July 

7. Play with my younger cousins all day 

8. Learn as much as I can at work 

9. Go to concerts 

10. Purchase a giant gnome at Kroger (it needs to go on sale first)  

11. Go to Hilton Head with my best friends 

12. Tie dye a bunch of giant shirts 

13. Attempt to make good vlogs 

14. Be with my dog 

15. Hang out with friends, Connor,  and my family 
What are you most excited about for summer? 

7 thoughts on “Summer is Here ”

  1. school of business? You’re a business major? oh yea, didn’t you tell me you thought it would be cool to start a candy business one day? that would be awesome

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      1. Cereal, that’s right! I hope you actually do that, that would be so cool:) and I’m a marketing major:) I’m interested in spreading ideas so I want to understand why great ideas die out and why okay ideas seem to spread and become popular.

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      2. “me too” as in you want to do marketing as well:)? or that you hope to start a business one day:)? aw that means a lot thank you!:)) I just think it’s interesting because there are a lot of bloggers who aren’t the best but they have a lot a lot of engagement and it’s because they know how to market themselves and build their build


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