October Goals

I saw that there were 31 blog topics for October, so I thought I would try doing it.

My overall goal for October is for it to be the best month ever.  I think October is probably my favorite, or maybe second favorite month of the year, so I have high hopes.

  1. Go to a haunted house- It would just be fun
  2. Carve a pumpkin- Once again, it would be fun
  3. Eat a lot of Honeycrisp apples- They are my favorite and it is a great month to take advantage of the low apple prices.
  4. Have the best Halloween ever and actually think about my costumes ahead of time
  5. Wake up everyday with a positive attitude
  6. Get good grades- I would say that is pretty important considering I’m in college
  7. Enjoy the fall running weather before it gets freezing outside

I am pretty sure I will accomplish all of these, but at least, it will be fun checking them off the list.

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