CHICAGO, weekend

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday everyone! Got a little post for today about my weekend and a short visit from my friends. This weekend so many people I know were in town including two of my friends, Shanon and Noah, who stayed with Connor and I. To start my weekend off I went to a happy hour with… Continue reading Weekend Highlights


Weekend in Chicago

Connor and I stayed home this weekend. 1. It was a rainy weekend. 2. We can't always go somewhere. 3. We still have so much to explore in Chicago. We started our weekend off Friday night by going to a fall/Halloween themed pop-up in the city: Jack's Pumpkin Pop-Up. It was full of cute photo… Continue reading Weekend in Chicago


Sophomore Year Recap

I haven't posted on here in so long! I was finishing off the last few weeks of school and now I'm home for summer.  It was definitely a fun year with new people, challenges, etc. I didn't like any of my classes second semester, but hopefully next year I will like them better.  I took… Continue reading Sophomore Year Recap