What I Thought of Paper Towns by John Green

I recently finished Paper Towns by John Green.  The only reason I decided to read it was because I saw that the movie was coming out soon.  I was actually pleasantly surprised that I liked it because I was not a fan of The Fault in Our Stars.  I just wanted to share my opinion on the book because I would recommend it and the only blogs I have written in the past have been about books.

I don’t want to give away too many of the details, but it is about a boy named Quentin and his adventures with Margo and later his “journey” to find Margo.  I liked the way it was written.  It was very laid back and I could tell it was about a teenage boy.  Sometimes the things he said or thought in the novel were pretty hilarious.  I found myself laughing a lot.  Also, I felt like the characters were easy to relate to and I wanted to be friends with them.  Also, I actually liked the ending.  I feel like some people would be annoyed because it isn’t the typical happy ending, but it was still happy enough.  Honestly, I would have been disappointed if it had ended perfectly, because that always feels unrealistic to me.

My main complaint of the book was how unrealistic it seemed for a girl to leave clues for the guy who lives next door, especially since she hadn’t talked to him in years. I don’t see how she would have left the clues in the first place and find it hard to believe that the guy would really care that much to look into all of the subtle clues.  But, it is just a book, so ultimately it kept me interested in reading more.

I definitely recommend Paper Towns… Don’t be discouraged by The Fault in Our Stars if you didn’t like it either.  I didn’t want to put Paper Towns down and wanted it to be longer when I had finally finished.  The characters were my favorite part of the book and I think anyone else who reads it will think so too.

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